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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Unlocked SOR Axel.

    Plays great. I canít remember him being this limited? I couldnít do a jumping side kick, just a knee. No grand upper. On the plus side, his special is classic :-)

    He plays meatily, and it serves to illustrate how good the old designs were, but also how in-keeping the new designs are. Forget the clip art. Itís about the feel.
    Blaze, Adam and Axel didn't have specials in SOR/Bare Knuckle. They called up a cop car with a bazooka instead.

    The special moves came in SOR2/Bare Knuckle 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    Yes. Thatís kinda blown the spoiler.
    Really? How have I blown any spoilers? Most people would've already known this, seen the trailer with the old characters/sprites appearing in SOR4 and assume that this was the case.

    Not being snide. Genuinely asking as I don't understand. (*shrugs*)

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    Finished it on normal difficulty (just). Opening up stage select is good, I can't improve my scores but it's good to revisit and kick more ass.

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    Any in-game option to change the title screen to Bare Knuckle IV?

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    Yeah if you go to in game setting, language change it to Japanese, it converts the title screen to Bare Knuckle 4.
    Thatís the only way to change it, would have been nice if you could change it and retain English subtitles.

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    Bought this today and gave it a play through. To be honest I think it’s great. Solid playability but of course it’s just standard fare scrolling beat ‘em up, loads of lovely touches and despite not being sure on the graphics when it was first announced, I think it’s a great looking game. Personally I think they’ve done a tidy job with this, my only slight irk is the inconsistent boss difficulties.

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    Hit 5 million total points yesterday, so all achievements done.

    Great game (just shy of amazing). I still cannot get into the new music whatsoever, I mostly play with retro characters, and as I mentioned earlier, it doesn't feel like it has moved the series forward. Some balance issues too, but for me, mostly between the player characters. The game balance seems ok, generally gets harder the deeper you go, bosses are, mostly, a little too straightforward though.

    Other than that, loving it. Great fun, plays really well, on the higher difficulties it really can flow well, looks good (I'm still noticing new to me background details on every run), just more of the same, and when that same is largely BKII, yay!

    I doubt I will revisit it as often as I do the original three games, and I would put it just behind them overall. But there's still reasons for me to play, namely wanting to solo S rank all levels on Mania. Done them all up to and including hardest using 1Axel (that player character balance...he is beast even on hardest!), but I think solo mania really will require a later character with the offensive / defensive special moves to help out.


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