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    Been watching some YouTube vids of people playing this trying to get tips. Some people are unbelievablely good at it. Good to get pointers, but I'll never have that level of speed and coordination. Just shows how much you can push the mechanics of this game.

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    Still playing this daily.

    I'm on XBone, so for the first couple of weeks was playing on an older build. It had a much shorter combo timer making it much harder to keep long combos going, no keeping combos up from environment damage etc. Now on the newer (1.5gig update), and I assume proper build, and it's huge fun.

    Can't lie. I was somewhat irked by this. I put in a lot of time on the older build (not knowing it was such for a week or so), pretty much had solo S ranks across the board - many of which dropped from S rank in the new version as the longer combo potential raises the required scores - had my strats down for each section. It's fine for me to waste my time playing games, but to have a dev do it...

    As I say, I was somewhat irked by this.

    It's just so much fun though, couldn't care less now. It was great on the earlier build, even better now. The combo potential is huge. Use a speed demon char like Zan and you can string it across insane gaps. Great fun. If you're on Xbone and haven't taken the recent update, do so and revisit!

    I've not seen patch notes, but have noticed a couple of destuctible items have moved position, a couple of enemy amounts seems to differ on hardest (will update with any mania difference once I've played more), the difficulty seems a little better balanced across the difficulties, although I had more difficulty regaining a couple of normal level solo S ranks than any on hard or hardest...!?! Boss difficulty is still woefuly balanced though.

    The new music has even grown on me. There's a couple of great tracks that suit the mood of the levels they cover. Some tracks though just miss the mark, and others only really kick in after a while near the end of an area, or when they up tempo for a new area, it's always a really short one (eg the up tempo bit, lvl 4 before Estelle fight, great sounds for all of 30 seconds while you kill 10-15 enemies).

    If I were to score this, would have been 8/10 as launched, now 9/10. Will revisit after a few days of mania fun / frustration.

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    I remember sitting in here on the week of release really not knowing what to make of this, with some digging it and others not. I finally got it in the post this past weekend, and I can now confirm that I love it. It's great.

    Feels just as I'd want it to - characters all move about convincingly, I've got no gripes with hurt boxes lining up with the sprites, and everything feels crunchy. Moves cancelling into specials works well, and opens up loads of quality combo potential - juggling feels nicely balanced, allowing you some great setups but without just becoming farcical. I went through once with Axel, then with SOR1 Axel, and now with Floyd, and each one has felt really unique so far. So really, I've not even touched half the roster, but the total changeup in play between characters has been great. It bodes well.

    I've not tinkered around with display or audio settings yet, but I remember before playing I thought that the pixelated retro chars were quite jarring - but after playing as one I think they've actually done a really good job of making them fit. Some of the music isn't immediately memorable, but plenty of it is great - it's definitely serviceable throughout.

    Don't know if a couple of months of patching is responsible, but honestly it all feels really, really good to me.

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    TBH i did get a bit bored with the game in the end, the boss changing halfway through health bar i thought got a bit old....the special move not interrupting enemy attacks when getting hit got annoying. And just felt needed a few more levels and perhaps a few more moves for the characters

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    Had a playthrough of this again a few days back, still think they've done a cracking job. It's a great game of it's type, anyone who loved these scrolling brawlers back in their heyday but thinks this is poor must be wearing weird rose tinted specs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    anyone who loved these scrolling brawlers back in their heyday but thinks this is poor must be wearing weird rose tinted specs.
    The rose-tinted specs argument is quite lazy imo.

    Thing is, most of the great belt scrollers of the past (Final Fight, etc.) got everything right in terms of gameplay mechanics, balance, etc. There is a reason why they endure decades later.

    Streets Of Rage has mostly been a textbook case of style over substance, barring the second game.

    Anyhoo, my copy of SoR4 just arrived in this morning's post so gonna play it after I'm done with work.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Colin View Post
    It's a great game of it's type, anyone who loved these scrolling brawlers back in their heyday but thinks this is poor must be wearing weird rose tinted specs.
    Coming from someone who thinks modern gaming is crap and the classic days were the best. I love the irony

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    It’s because of my love of old games I can say SOR4 is a well made game of its genre. For someone to claim it’s not as playable as 16-bit era games of the same style is simply ridiculous.


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