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    Quote Originally Posted by prinnysquad View Post
    I canít work out how to land safely as Iím thrown (which has been a lot).
    Edit: ignore me, didn't notice you'd worked this out

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    I’m a bit rubbish at this, as it turns out. Probably should be no great surprise because I was never great at the originals or indeed similar games like Final Fight etc. With this type of game, I often lose interest pretty quickly because I find them pretty samey. I get the impression that this won’t be much different (it’s just a personal thing) but, so far, it’s really good. The animation is superb. The hits feel great (I’m on Switch) and the moves have a real weight behind them. The fighting is simple (which is often where things start to feel repetitive for me) but there are a few extra moves to play with. It feels really good and certainly true to the early games but with much better animation. It’s almost wasted on handheld mode on the Switch but you can really see the movement on the TV.

    As per the trailers, I think I would love to have seen more background characters but the lighting effects and things like puddles and so on keep the backgrounds lively enough. The effects are really polished.

    Music isn’t quite landing for me but I might just get used to it. There’s a turn of the century techno feel to some of it that reminds me of underground CDs I used to share with people in Oslo in what now feels like a whole other life.

    But it plays great, looks great and it has clearly been made with a lot of thought and love.

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    I’ve reached the final boss (presumably). Too tough for me at this time of night though, so I’ll have another go tomorrow.

    There’s some great stages later on. Each has its own vibe, like the original games. Good use is made of the environment, and a lot of the ‘new’ level features are actually throwbacks to the old games, just done differently. Several characters make welcome appearances.

    I’ve tried the burly bloke, who is like a cross between Max and Zan. I thought his movement was sluggish at first, but some got used to the trade off between movement and power. I’ve tried Adam, who’s a joy to play as. I then tried Cherry, who slip-slides arl owa and has this bizarre tendency to over-skid. It means it’s like controlling a fighting speed skater. I thought she was a terrible character, until I persevered for a few minutes. Then it clicked. She’s a brilliant character. So agile, and adds a different dynamic to the way you approach some enemies.

    More great weapons throughout, which I’m starting to use more of now.

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    Iím really impressed with SoR 4. It feels very much like SoR 2 to play but with better combos adding a new score chasing component. The way opponents enter the fray and bide their time is very much how the AI should be in a SoR game. I always liked using the long throw as an offensive move in the previous games and thatís been enhanced by the acceleration when you launch the unfortunate antagonist. Great touch.
    I opted for the classic controls right away given Iím not too keen on games using loads of buttons at the best of times. Just the three buttons is fine and feeds into my muscle memory of the series. Best enjoyed with the bottom row of buttons on a good joystick IMHO.
    So many nice little touches in the game like the character names and all the little animations in the background. Iím sold on the visual style now after seeing it in action on my TV. Thereís a lot of stuff thatís subtle but adds to the aesthetics. Thereís lighting effects, reflections in puddles and steam and smoke all really nicely done. I never noticed it in the pre-release footage but some of the art has a sketched look and printing dots you associate with old American comics. Possibly a little bit of influence from Into the Spider-Verse there.
    The new soundtrack is ok but I think like the Dragon Trap remake Iíll be playing this with unfiltered modern visuals and classic FM sounds.
    I must admit to being surprised by this game. I thought nostalgia would have me enjoying it but it really is a superb package and may in time reveal itself to be the pinnacle of the series.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vanpeebles View Post
    Mutation Nation is very overrated.

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    Mutation Nation? I though the Neo was notorious for not having any good scrolling fighters?

    Something I've been pondering after playing an hour or so of this; whether I prefer it or not to Fight'n'Rage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Asura View Post
    Mutation Nation? I though the Neo was notorious for not having any good scrolling fighters?
    You thought right.

    Mutation Nation, Burning Fight (a poor man's poor man's Final Fight) and the Sengoku trilogy are all garbage.

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    Whut. Horses for courses but I love all 3 of those, and Robo Army. I'd say the only scrolling turd on Neo is Sengoku 3, and possibly Ninja Combat....but that's just a bit simple, not terrible.

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    Downloaded so will crank it up tonight!


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