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    Site theme tune. From the archives...

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    The things that the great forum wipe didn't get rid of...

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    Wasn't that a christmas thing?

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    Nice, hadn't seen this. Time for an update Charles.

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    The opening guitar riff should play when you're on the main page

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    gunrock's Avatar
    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    Gamertag: Paleboy PSN ID: paleboy1970 Steam ID: paleboy
    Missed that back in the day. Turns out, I didn't miss much! <stifles a sob, because he wasn't featured>

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    Some good old names in there, sadly missed. Some gits, too.

    A version 2 needed?

    Quarterly Chump tells his terrible gags
    FamMyDodd and his filthy Milf mags
    Team Andromeda loves his clip art
    Nuke the Chinese and their wet meat mart

    Wonít watch a film thatís post Ď68
    Van holds men in his hand from 9 until late
    Neon Ignition likes absolutely sod all
    Kirovís thousands of wads at his beck and call



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