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Thread: Huntdown.

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    Awwww man, and that’s it over, I thought it would be longer. To be fair I’ll probably replay the crap out of it, and finishing it does unlock a new mode, plus I’ve still got a ton of stuff to find in it. That last boss though, if I had hair I might have been tearing it out.

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    Ahhhh. Get higher, baby!
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    I was worried it'd be a scrappy, chaos filled game like Broforce, where there's so much mayhem with bullets and accidental explosions that you can't tell what's going on.

    This thankfully keeps the chaos and bullet hell on the manageable side. The cover mechanic enables you to duck out into cover for a quick breather, but you can't really camp there. It's simple, but works.

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    Hate the title but that looks bloody great!!!

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    Already well in to my second play through using a different bounty hunter. The amount of things I’m noticing second time round are brilliant, like all the film posters in the cinema. That’s one of the awesome things about the game though, all the 80’s film references. My favourite wee hidden thing so far was

    the room with Gizmo from Gremlins in it singing

    . Everything about the game is great, it’s a solid 8.5/9 for me, most fun I’ve had playing a game in ages.

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    Just finished the industrial complex so on to the 4th area next. 4 areas might not sound like a lot but the levels are big and have plenty going on in them ... and if you put the entire game up against any of those that influenced it Iím pretty confident it would dwarf most of them. All killer no filler too. Quality.

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    Oh man, just found

    Snake Pliskin

    this game just keeps on giving!

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    8.5/9? Unusually scoring system but high score nonetheless

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    You'd have to be high to not use a scoring system that goes up to 11.

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    The scores out of ten rating system is on furlough.

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    Pretty sure I'm on the last boss now ... had a few attempts and will try again tomorrow.


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