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    Retro|Spective 135: TimeSplitters

    History in Games:
    2000 - TimeSplitters
    2002 - TimeSplitters 2
    2005 - TimeSplitters: Future Perfect

    Born out of the ashes of Rare's team that was responsible for GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, the TimeSplitters series brought a similar form of gameplay with a focus on the multiplayer components to multi-platforms alongside the 128-bit generations debut. Each game did feature single player missions however and very quickly this marriage led to a sequel that saw chatter over the series increase again. The third game landed a few years later but things fell apart from there onward with only a failing to appear fan project sticking its head up now and again. Plans are currently underway for a very belated fourth game.

    Which was the best of the trilogy and does the series still have a future?

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    Let's not forget that a few playable, remastered levels of TS2 exist within HOMEFRONT: THE REVOLUTION. Haven't checked em out yet but need to.

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    I absolutely loved TimeSplitters 2. I had it on the Cube and played the single player to death, playing the missions over and over to get faster times - to get the gold trophies and then the secret platinum ones, for which no target times were listed. I played it in three and player with friends, too. Bags of fun.

    With the challenge levels, I actually beat a bunch of the times in a magazine. I think it was probably NGC. There were a few readers' top times listed in particular that I absolutely smashed, but my own self-developed technique of going through the level punching everyone in the back of the head rather than shooting them, which turned out to be a significantly faster way of beating it once you had the memorised the optimal route.

    I took photos of my records on the TV screen, which I then had to get my Mum to get developed (yeah, we didn't have a digital camera), then posted them off to the magazine. Sadly, I then completely forgot about it so never bought the relevant issue I would've been featured in! D'oh! No idea if my times were the best or if they were featured, but I like to imagine they were

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    Ended up caning all three versions of TS2 back in the day, owned the PS2 version, borrowed the GC version, got the XB version new n sealed a year later for 99p. XB version the best, no borders, too!

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    Loved TS2, liked TSFP almost as much. The multiplayer definitely retained the fun aspect introduced with Goldeneye but at a decent frame rate!
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    I'm in the camp of this series being a swing and a miss for me. I never really played the MP where the core of the experience really lay so it's not a fair assessment but as single player experiences I found all three to be pretty awful.


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