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    Iron Man VR demo [PSVR]

    QC found it on Thursday and I only got around to playing it today. Good grief it is fun!
    Requires Move controllers so expect those to sell out around release (again).

    You control the repulsors with the triggers, and fire with the Move button. The main demo didn't have them but the combat challenge has homing missiles (3 simultaneously targeted launched per gauntlet). I found that I was switching between weapons without actually meaning to - missiles are targeted by moving the controllers flat, as if putting your palms to the ground. But I was actually trying to use the repulsors to get some air instead.

    This is not a game to be played sat down, and I fully expect to be posing like Tony does in the first movie when he first uses the gauntlets to blast stuff around his basement workspace. I was sat on the sofa and that really hindered my arm movements. I cut it from the videos below but when you fire up the game it calibrates your arm span so you actually fit into the Iron Man armour perfectly.

    Overall, I'll need more practice to fly better (see below!) but this is a strong contender for my summer gaming.

    Full demo

    Flight course (time trial)

    Combat course (challenge)

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    There’s a Iron man VR move controller bundle coming out on July 3rd for 84.99

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    Wonder if this'll make its way to other platforms. I would've said "no", but then Star Wars: Vader Immortal is coming out on PSVR and that was made in-house by Oculus.


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