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    Tips to fix an overheating Xbox One?

    It's an OG model, 500gb. Fan goes nuts and the machine keeps switching off when switching between certain apps or games, mostly with the overheat warning on startup but not always, like earlier on.

    It was happening every few weeks, then every few days, now it's like two to four times a day, unless I stick to one thing.

    Off to the shops in an hour, what screwdriver will I need and what have I to look out for and is there owt else I could buy to fix it better and quicker? Can't really afford a new Xbone at prez and it's not like there are a wealth of places open that sell them (I don't shop online at all)

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    It may just need the dust cleaning out of it, or the thermal paste is past its best (I had to replace the thermal paste on my Xbox One X after a year, it was pretty low quality stuff).

    It's actually fairly easy stripping down the Xbox as it's pretty modular. You'll need a Torx 9 & 10 driver though. iFixit have a guide.

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    Cheers Marty, that's bloody great! Hope they have both in stock at B&M. Having said that, The Range is next door, too...

    Be great to sort this, I keep expecting the damn thing to switch off every time the fan buzzes loudly. Annoying!

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    I just pried the side grille off. It's so dusty it looks like it has hair. It's so hairy-looking it resembles Gene Wilder's barnet in the late 70s.

    I am about to break further into the machine. I hope it's just dust. Couldn't get any thermal paste at the three stores that were open but am fully Torxed-up right now, even got my security Torxes and some tri-wings were in there, too.

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    Sorted. Not a very elegant job and I managed to yank the ribbon cable out (which was excruciatingly frustrating to pop back in) and haven't *quite* got the outer case on 100% but I'm happy now and it's silent like hill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JazzFunk View Post
    it resembles Gene Wilder's barnet in the late 70s.


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