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    Maneater - all platforms

    First of all, I didn't pick this up expecting Legend of Zelda finesse or Uncharted polish. The boys and me thought it looked like a laugh and we dived in.

    It labels itself as a shark rpg. You have maps, missions, you get stronger, bigger, and build yourself and grow into a more badass shark. The set up almost feels like Katamari: you start off a pup and you can eat and knack small stuff and you slowly get bigger and you can eat and knack bigger stuff.

    We've only played a couple of hours or so and while it's fun to chomp and smash things it's not perfect. Fighting other critters isn't as easy as it would be with a dedicated lock on button. And the camera can be a pain in shallow waters.

    But in the deep it feels really solid. Relaxing too. Swimming, chomping, killing ... it's fun ... but we'll see how long that lasts. It may get repetitive, it may not.

    I should have waited for a sale for this. It'll probably be half price next week. But in lockdown with my boys pestering me for the new shark game we gave it a go and is a laugh. And beyond that is also has that great pleasure of a map and a bunch of missions and things to check off, then level up, then got for bigger stuff. It's nothing new but it works.

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    Sounds quite interesting - certainly something different.

    I'm reminded of that Jaws game they did back on the PS2:


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