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    Article: Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Review - Sony PS2

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    Thanks for this. Really good timing too as Persona 5 was reduced ridiculously on the PS Store.

    Your review has started to make me think I should pick up a PS Vita to play this and P4.

    How do you rank the games in the series?

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    They're pretty long games, and quite similar to one another in terms of structure, and I think the idea of playing them each in a row is a very ambitious and quite unlikely commitment. Generally speaking too, they've gotten better in terms of how everything works over time - I tried going back to P3P after finishing P4G and found it hard giving up some of the things I'd gotten used to. Similarly, making it through the 100+ hour slog of P5 (Royal or otherwise) and then going straight back to 4 is going to be quite testing on your patience.

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    If you had a Vita handy, I'd say play P4G, simply because it's significantly less of a commitment than P5. P4G is about ~70 hours, P5 is 130+.

    P5 is brilliant but to be honest I'd say P4 is much better paced. P5 is overlong.

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    Brilliant game, I remember as if it was yesterday, how I played it on my PSP in 2011, when I was at college...


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