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Thread: [PC] Helltaker

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    [PC] Helltaker

    Twitter is useful at times: my feed became populated with art about demons in black and red suits with the tag #helltaker all of the sudden, I thought it was some sort of Japanese indie game or doujin, only to find out a couple of days later that it's a game available for free on Steam. Or, if you drop less thatn 10 you get the game, a digital artbook, basically every graphical asset used in the game, OST, and even a recipe for pancake.

    Helltaker is not a long game, in little more than an hour you'll be done with it: it's only ten stages long, and with the exception of the last stage, it's a puzzle game in which you have to guide your unnamed avatar across hell to make resident demons part of your harem.
    Every puzzle stage must be completed within a preset number of steps. Should a rock or a cute little skeleton be in your path, you can kick them, but this will consume a step and you won't move; step into a trap and you'll spend twice the amount of steps. Think The Adventures Of Lolo, but with a number of moves you can do.
    The last stage is more action oriented, and it's not a good fit for the rest of the game; I'd call that the only challenging stage of the game, the remaining puzzles don't take long to figure out.

    And...that's about it. The music is catchy, the art is cool, and the writing is snappy. Artbook or not, the hour you spend with Helltaker is worth it. Unfortunately, there isn't much in the way of replayability.
    And use the age filter if you search for fanart about the game.

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    Nice little game - thanks for the heads up.

    Love the music - and it is one of those "one more try" games.

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    I took much longer than all my friends to complete this.

    Enjoyed it though, pretty need for a free game.


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