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    [NSW/PC/PS4] Umihara Kawase BaZooKa!

    Most probably you don't remember that this game was even announced...I didn't remember I had this preordered until I received the shipping notification. It's available digitally worldwide, with Japan having a physical release for PS4 and Switch, and the Switch is multilanguage (English, Japanese, traditional and simplified Chinese, Korean). Strictly Limited have a physical release with a limited edition for July 2020.

    Anyway, UKB is a...uhm...I'm not quite sure.
    There's a single one-player mode in which you have to complete four words with 10 stages each by collecting golden coins. These coins are dropped by defeating enemy waves.
    You defeat enemies by killing them with your two attack actions (which consume a rechargeable meter), or by hooking them with your lure, storing them in your backpack, and shooting them at other enemies.
    You move around stages with Umihara Kawase rules plus a double jump, and the available characters have different abilities.
    There are multiple characters from the Umihara games, plus a bunch of original characters, Cotton, a YouTuber, and other pople from other games.

    If this sounds confusing, it's because I truly am. I can't quite understand this game: you have stages and characters that would fit nicely in a standard Umihara Kawase game but the abundance of enemies and your goal to defeat them makes moving around stages clunky and unsatisfactory. Enemies come from Kawase games and behave they are in one of them, which makes them bad fit for this style of play.

    There is online and local multiplayer, which is a free-for-all where enemies spawn, and if you think the game will play like a Smash Bros. or equivalent, it doesn't.
    I think the crux is that controls are made for a platforming Kawase game, and this is not anything like that. Sure you jump from platform to platform, but your goal is to defeat enemies that have the same properties as previous Kawase games but are not in the stages meant for them.

    I honestly had a hard time playing the game due to how unfocused it felt; not bad, but very unfocused and unsure of what it wanted.

    I'll have a video of my first session ready by tomorrow.

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