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    Quote Originally Posted by CAPCOM View Post
    Top Hat has a video exclusively on it...
    Are you the one and only Top Hat Gaming Man?

    He certainly makes a diverse range of videos covering all sorts of retro sysems.

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    Have been watching a lot of content this weekend since Friday from the three channels in honesty, as heavy at work on two laptops... vidoes running on one to my right, work on the other.

    He has lots of obscure stuff that I love, plus here are all the historical SEGA ones for you...

    The Sega XBOX Console
    Did the Sega SC 3000 Fail?
    Megadrive 4 Brazil Variations
    Did the Sega Pico Fail?
    Why the Megadrive failed in Japan?
    The Mad Story of the Sega Master System 3
    Sega Wondermega
    Sega Mega Jet Fail
    Unlocking the Secret Power of the Sega Saturn
    Sega 32X is it actually worth playing?
    Is the Sega Saturn even better than the Nintendo 64?
    The Ultimate Sega Dreamcast Documentary (45 mins)
    Sega Saturn the Ultimate Documentary (30 mins)
    Is the Sega Master System worth Playing Today?
    Is the Sega Saturn Worth Playing Today?

    I was surprised to know that the Megadrive has basically been in production nearly constantly since 1990 in Brazil and went through multiple variations and even had new EA games released on it from mobile games and has a version of Fifa 2008 for it...they then redesigned the shell completely due to the success of the Wii and relreleased it again then after that created a Guitar Hero Game for it complete with peripheral!
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    Quote Originally Posted by CAPCOM View Post
    Is the Sega Saturn Worth Playing Today?


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