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    Mega Everdrive Pro is here....

    much neater form than that one form terraonion. and hopefully a better price. for sure it'll be on by birthday present list.

    also seems the X7 has dropped a little in price as well, down to around £130, IIRC it was up at £150/60 mark?

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    Iíve seen the video... looks exciting but apparently uses a less powerful FPGA chip than the Mega SD so Iím reserving judgement until itís out in the wild and put through its paces before going all in.

    The prospect of playing NES games on a MD is very appealing though!

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    That guy at school whose uncle worked at Sega was right all along!

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    It’s great to have more options and the Everdrive Pro seems to be aiming at homebrew developers too. I think this will sell well.

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    First review Iíve seen that properly has an in-depth comparison of the two products from the erstwhile Game Sack:

    To me it looks like the Mega SD is the superior product. Aside from the better UI, better compatibility (with regards to file types and certain CD games), and faster loading of CD games, one thing I noticed about the limited CD options on the MEDP is that it seemingly lacks a CDDA volume or mixing control. Anyone whoís owned, or played extensively on, a Mega CD will know that there are some games which really need this, off the top of my head Lords of Thunder, Dune and Space Adventure Cobra are just some. In fact most games sound a lot better with the CDDA volume set to around 70% permanently.

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    The Game Sack review made it pretty clear that the Mega SD is the superior product, at least at the moment. Looks like I bought the right one! The NES thing in the Everdrive is a neat gimmick though, I'd love to know how it's done.


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