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    The Last of Us: Part II

    Thankfully it allows you to play the game whilst it still has about 30GB to install so it was nice to be able to dive into this quicker than expected when I first pulled out the Data Disc and read the back of the box saying it needed 91GB. The game is slow to begin purely by virtue of the many accessibility options which have been mentioned before. I made sure to take my time with them and set what I needed which wasn't a lot but I wanted to avoid having any unnecessary irks with the game. HDR was calibrated, look inverted, lock on reduced, motion blur close to removed etc and then time to start the game.

    I'm going to outright avoid describing anything specific that the opening covers but one thing was that I appreciated this opening more than the original's even if I know I'll be in a minority on that one. I'm also going to avoid, until complete, constantly pitting it against the original as over the last seven years and four or so playthroughs I've aired more than enough of my opinion of the first game so for now will try to take this on its own merits and see where it lands.

    The first real key thing is the visuals, they are broadly top tier for the system. There is a notable difference between what is being generated in cutscenes and what is on screen when gameplay is in motion but even when the game looks more in line with other titles that are available it's still a bar of comparison that is occupied largely by other PS4 benchmark titles. I've met all the initial key players in the story I think and everyone seems likeable and well rounded, helped by the cutscene motion capture that feels even more detailed and nuanced than in other games like Uncharted 4. Gameplay wise, barring the jump and prone there's little difference that I can tell from before coming from the Remaster just a few weeks ago. I definitely feel so far like how the story pans out and the pacing of the game will be the big deciders on where final verdict will eventually fall but we'll see.

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    Not sure why they insist on a quite heavy grain filter, with no option to disable it? . I think the visuals would look much cleaner without it.

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    Yeah I thought that about the visuals. The first hour is intriguing! Slow and still in the turorial phase but nicely atmospheric with a few plotlines already set up for later.

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    I am about 3 hrs in - very enjoyable story so far, good solid gameplay, nice surprises and the grain gets less as you go on! More of the same, but no bad thing. As visceral as the 1st. Ellie is great this time around.

    Had 2 bugs though; gun got trapped in the wall and was flickering at high speed whilst aiming, and whilst viewing a trading card the O button wouldn’t bring me out to gameplay and had to reboot.

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    I'm a few hours in and loving every moment. Feels great to be back in the world of TLOU again, scavenging for supplies, falling deeper into the storyline, and generally just taking in all the scenery and detail. Such a beautifully made game. It's going to be one to savour.

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    Had quite the session on this today and I don't feel like I'm that far through yet (no indicators on % and just time played so far).

    This is a showcase for what devs can achieve with the PS4 as much as the original was with the PS3. I totally expect to see a remastered release for PS5 (or maybe Naughty Dog will just add features available on the new console to the PS4 version). In any case TLoU Part II looks superb and I play on the hope that this game ends on a high like the original.

    My slightly troll-like question is what will Naughty Dog work on after this? An Uncharted title with a new protagonist and Nathan Drake in the mentor role perhaps?

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    It's pure speculation but I think they're said to be deciding currently on whether to start work on Part III or create a new IP. If Uncharted continues in some form I kind of expect it to go to another studio at this point.

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    Over 10 hours in an thoroughly enjoying it. The Pro version is sublime in the graphics

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    What a game and the start of this game is brutal. Love the weather and snow effects the best ever seen in a video game so far

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    The exploration is handled amazingly well. I feel like I've got far more freedom than I probably have ... I don't see the smoke and mirrors ... I just go look around, down random alleys and into apartment windows and stuff. It feels random.


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