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    Retro Game Hunting Videos

    Stumbled across this channel not many subscribers yet but the person did visit this great looking retro shop in Bradford. I had no idea any shops like this still even existed in the UK to be honest. Direct Deals is the name.

    Individual gets about the country, the retro hunting videos are the most fun seeing these shops that I thought time had forgot.

    Anybody got any other recommendations for shops in the UK or channels of a similar ilk?

    American and Japanese centric welcome too
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    Are PAL SNES prices really that insane now? 180 for Lost Vikings 2???

    Video was a bit annoying with the constant use of "rare" and "obscure" but the camera work was good and I never knew there was a shop like that in Bradford so fair play. Might go and check it out, maybe pick up some handheld games assuming prices aren't too egregious.

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    I have no interest or fondness for PAL stuff, simply because I went NTSC only from 1989 onwards. Lots of people do like PAL gaming though, so the prices are also really high. The rarer PAL games go for crazy money.

    This collector in Japan is more my cup of tea:
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