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    Blasphemous - [PC/NSW/PS4/XB1]

    My biggest disappointment searching for this thread wasn't just that no-one has played this game, but that seemingly no-one has even posted a first play thread for a game that is any way blasphemous. You people disappoint me.

    Cutting to the chase: it's a 2D metroidvania game that borrows a lot of ideas (bonfires, tracking back to your body on death, parry and dodge heavy combat, lore-heavy item descriptions...) from Dark Souls. It's got strong, grotesque religious imagery throughout, and the combat is pretty brutal from a visual standpoint. So far it's not been as tough as you might think, but I figure I'm only about halfway through so far, so that might all change.

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    I played the demo and I really liked it.
    I think it was in a sale, but nobody had played it.
    Glad you're enjoying it!

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    It's definitely one that I think a lot of people would like. You could argue the gameplay is a little derivative, but it all works and the aesthetic they've chosen for it really stands out. I'm only late to the party on account of waiting for a physical version, but I'd certainly recommend it for the next time the digital version is on sale.

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    I started playing it a few months back, and will get back to it soon. I made about two-three hours' progress and really enjoyed it. It's definitely Souls-like in the sense you have to maintain your focus on every encounter, but the Metroidvania was the factor that attracted me. I bought it on sale, and would definitely recommend it from what I played - it's tough, but really good.

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    Just finished it now. It's pretty good, folks! I checked a guide right near the end to make sure I hadn't missed anything too important, and thankfully it steered me to the proper ending (which in turn steered me to YouTube to make sense of it all).

    I found that the Switch had a couple of weird slow-down issues and dropped inputs, but nearly every time this seemed to be while bringing the system out of hibernation. Resetting definitely helped.


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