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    Thanks to @fuse for the tip off and the advice to sit down before I heard the news.

    Looks like it's due out in "2021", but no specifics yet.

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    Looks like greys are returning (top-right)

    I wonder what this creature is that they've pixelated out?

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    It's in the nude.

    Or it didn't sign a release form to be included in the game.

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    Don't really want to be the Debbie Downer but... that's a really miserable reveal. So dull in those screens, looks more like a misguided western incarnation than a true sequel. The voxel entry looks much more interesting.

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    Yeah, I get where you're coming from. It's more the news that it's actually happening.
    I'm hoping they throw a lot more into the mix than repeat the same monsters as 5, but I've put countless joy-filled hours into 2017, Insect Armageddon, 2025, 4.1 and 5, so I've got a fair bit of faith this'll be good.

    I mean 5 had a bunch of new enemies and it was still throwing new ones into the mix around the levels in the 80s, so it's always pushing.

    Yeah, I know it's not a looker, but I can't express the sheer thrill of a great mission that is beaten by teamwork and pure determination. I really wish more people on here have fallen in love with the series.

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    Makes me wonder given its timing if there's an idea at play of there being a next-gen 6.1 edition

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post

    Looks like greys are returning (top-right)

    I wonder what this creature is that they've pixelated out?
    That's the dragon from Panzer Dragoon 1. Sure looks like it anyway.
    I'm guessing this will be on the new PS5 but I sure hope not. Graphic quality is way within reach of the PS4.

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    Obviously I'm going to play and love this but it's very grey and brown. Loved how colourful 4 was.

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    Getting talk from Neon Ignition! Again!!!

    In Sandlot we trust. Thank you for your rooting.


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