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    Retro|Spective 141: Parasite Eve

    History in Games:
    1998 - Parasite Eve
    1999 - Parasite Eve II
    2010 - The 3rd Birthday

    Based on a Japanese novel, Parasite Eve follows on from that story following Eve who is able to control the minds and bodies of others and the police officer Aya who is out to stop her in New York. Taking some lead from the Resident Evil games, the series is an action RPG which the sequel increased the focus on. Both games led to a resurgence in popularity of the novel and its associated manga series but despite this the games never continued beyond the PS1 era. The sole gaming extension came from the PSP entry which is more of a side-game intended for mobiles, although this disjointed it from fans expectations who were often not keen on either the gameplay differences or how Aya was portrayed.

    Where you a fan of the series, which was your favourite entry and how would you like it to return?

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    Only played the first game which was absolutely amazing. I mean a JRPG protaganist who was actually an adult? Incredible. The pacing and atmosphere was fantastic and combat was fun.

    The second game is still on my backlog unfortunately.

    The third game just seems like otaku bait. I played it for about ten minutes and turned it off.

    The novel did get a release over here years ago but it seems impossible to find. I keep meaning to scour 2nd hand book stores and charity shops to see if I can find a copy.

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    Love the first two games, never bothered with the 3rd birthday for the reasons you guys have said. I would put the first one up there as one of the top games on the system. High productions values, good atmosphere, nice battle system and an interesting story that was unique in comparison to the usual rpg stories. From memory the second one was much more similar to Resident Evil but I enjoyed it all the same.

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    Ironically The 3rd Birthday is the only entry I've tried and whilst it looked nice enough on the PSP it was hard to get hooked on

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    Only played the first but really fond memories of it. Loved the fact it had that real world setting of New York ... that set it apart at the time.

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    I’d really like to give these a try. Weren’t these linked to that Galerians game or have I got that completely wrong?

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    First game is brilliant, a really mature RPG with a great, real world setting, great gameplay and sound.

    Second game is a weak but enjoyable enough Resident Evil clone.

    The Third Birthday a magnificent if hugely flawed (**** story) kinetic Japanese style shooter. I absolutely loved it. It's not a traditional third person action game as many treat it. It has the usual Japanese quirks ( like games like Vanquish).


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