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    Hey you were a great contestant. We hope to have you back on the show for the next one

    Now, who will get 17 and 20? Join us next post on Arrrrrracade a BingO!

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    I definitely want more of this, please.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hudson View Post
    Another line another prize for your eyes...

    Gutted I missed out on this prize 😂

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    Snooze you lose.

    Pretty buzzed about the Ninja Golf too.

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    A bit late to the game.

    20 looks like

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gradius View Post
    A bit late to the game.

    20 looks like
    Yeeeers. Well played sir. 10 mix bag for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by samanosuke View Post
    You’re missing
    Oh man, I though that was on the row above, lol.


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