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Thread: Past Games TV

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    Past Games TV

    Welcome all! I have been sick with retrogaming for a long time and for decades I have accumulated large packs of games from various outdated platforms. Including little-known outside of Japan. I decided to create a YouTube channel on which I want to share video with the gameplay and at the same time streamline my collection. I invite everyone who shares my interest in old games.

    I sketched a short video with the most interesting games for the Sharp MZ-700 computer.

    The Sharp MZ-700 series appeared in 1983 and replaced the obsolete MZ-80 series. Used the Sharp LH-0080 processor, which was compatible with the Zilog Z80. The games were a little bad due to the low resolution (in fact they were graphic characters), but in the ROM there were 512 graphic characters that could be used.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pastgames View Post
    I sketched a short video with the most interesting games for the Sharp MZ-700 computer.
    I hadn't seen that computer in action before, so it was interesting to see how lo-res the graphics are. Metro-Cross....

    I'm also interested in the MX-2500. ExciteBike.

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    Top 30 Best Sharp MZ-800 Games

    The Sharp MZ-800 series of computers, which replaced the MZ-700 series, contained a number of graphics enhancements. Now, unlike the MZ-700, the original Zilog Z80 A processor was used, which improved compatibility with common software. Although compatibility with the MZ-700 was maintained, by turning on a special switch. The Sharp MZ-800 was a very popular computer in the former Czechoslovakia. Most MZ-800 games are ZX Spectrum conversions, sometimes well-made, sometimes bad. However, the hardware is slightly better than the ZX Spectrum.

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    Top 20 Best Sharp MZ-1500 Games

    Sharp MZ-1500 is built on the architecture of the MZ-700, but significantly expanded with new equipment. Graphics with built-in PCG support. Sound chip from Texas Instruments. Floppy drive that reads 2.8-inch Quick Disks.

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    Nice uploads, great to see really obscure micros Id never even heard of up until now.

    My favourite obscure systems which Id love to see for real are the Enterprise 128 which was an absolute beast of an 8-bit (just check out The Hobbit on YouTube!) and the Memotech MTX-512 which is the most gorgeous home micro ever created (and featured in Weird Science).

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    Top 20 Best Super Cassette Vision Games

    The Super Cassette Vision is a home video game console made by Epoch Co., released in 1984, featuring an 8-bit processor and better performance more in line with its competitors. A successor to the Cassette Vision, it competed with Nintendo's Family Computer and Sega's SG-1000 line in Japan. It was later released in France by ITMC under the Yeno branding. The system did not take off, and was unable to match the massive popularity of the Nintendo Famicom, leading Epoch to drop out of the console market by 1987.

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    That's a system I've been curious about for a while. Amazing sprite capabilities for the time.


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