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    Star Trek: Lower Decks

    The proper trailer for this just came out:

    It's pulling down a lot of heat online; admittedly this is par-for-the-course for any new Trek show, but still... While visually it's a bit uninspiring (style-wise it looks too much like a bunch of other shows for my taste) I found enough in the trailer for a chuckle.

    I don't mind if the show ends up being "Star Trek does Final Space" if it's actually good.

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    Making the show is fine even if it's Star Trek lampooning itself decades after it's been done to death by others. The biggest failing and obvious misstep of the creators is that instead of making a self-referential and self-aware satire of themselves they've designed the show as being canon with the rest of the franchise which it blatantly doesn't fit with in the slightest. It's such a small thing in practice but for a franchise to have fostered over 50 years of fandom it's these kinds of small details that have been nurtured by the franchise heads and messing with them now is the kind of thing that could pop the balloon. 'Inspired' by and people would take it at face value much more easily, that the target audience who are super nerdy about this stuff have to wrestle in their minds that the events of that trailer take place literally in canon in the months that follow Data's death in Nemesis.


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