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    Bud Spencer and Terence Hill - Slaps and Beans (Format: Everything)

    I was attracted to the nostalgic element of basing a game on the goofy buddy film antics of this Italian duo from the '80s, and picked it up in the recent Nintendo Switch sale for about 8. In gameplay terms it's a very basic 2D side-scrolling Streets of Rage clone with none of the enemy, combat or boss variety of those games. Attacks come down to light, heavy, grab (or leapfrog), and throw item (either the beer jug you've just drained or a saucepan of beans you've just eaten). You can play as either Bud (heavy hitting and slow) or Terence (light hitting and fast). You can get combo multipliers by hitting enemies back and forth between the two but that's about it as far as complexity goes. It really is so basic it's almost unbelievable, and I played it through to completion in coop with my lad in about two and a half hours. The game is pretty crap to play, right down to the annoying bosses and even a stealth section, and quite glitchy too.

    That said, we had a good laugh with it. The sprite presentation of backgrounds and characters is excellent (none of this lazy clip-art nonsense of SOR4 ) - indeed, the whole presentation is set up to look like you're playing on an arcade cabinet, which is a nice touch. The cartoon-like combat sounds and official film music by 'Oliver Onions' are terrifically funny, and the mini-games based on 'iconic' film moments (buggy racing, beer drinking/sausage eating competition) are well done. Story-wise it's something about rescuing a girl from a crazed manufacturer of baked beans with plans for world domination, so total trash, but they capture the characteristic interactions of Bud and Terence really nicely. The whole thing is predicated on just slapping the hell out of everyone, so if you find the following clip funny, and can pick it up in a sale, you might get a few hours of dopey enjoyment from this game.

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