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    Ghost of Tsushima

    Praise be to certain retailers sending stock out too early! I've not done very much so far of this final major PS4 title but what I have played so far has been enough to give me a distinct initial impression and to be honest it's not an overly favourable one. Ghosts of Tsushima opens with an attack by and invading force during which you get your first look at the games visuals which quickly reveal themselves to be strong in art style but not that amazing at other levels. The texture work and effects are decent, action running very smoothly too but this is a fairly big step down from other PS4 Sony exclusives. The sweeping landscape style though carries it and eventually you get to a point where you get to do some fighting, it's short and followed by a tutorial and immediately gives the impression itself that the games core gameplay hook doesn't have much depth to it either.

    There's even been a very scripted and dull stealth section which is set up in such a way that you immediately fail for deviating from the NPC guide's own path. This normally wouldn't be that big a deal as such heavy hand holding or 'walking simulator' moments are common place in Playstation big hitters these days but as I begin to set out into the open world the game has so far managed to lose more of my attention than it's been able to grab. Functionally everything seems solid but when I go back on it later I'm going to go in with lowered expectations for something that appears to be a very straight forward vanilla experience on first impression.

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    Played a bit more last night and it felt a little better, I can already see how the combat might get stale as it goes on as in practice it feels somewhat simple at the moment. The game has an air about it of being a bit of callback from a previous generation. I'm picking through early open missions but fell asleep last night mid-mission at the controller...

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    The game is just so boring. Massive letdown and the graphics are so cheap in parts, like having a animated line to simulate waves in the background

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    Played an hour last night.

    I have chosen the white horse and called him Nobu.

    Started with the J-dub but had to go back to the English one as the lip-syncing put me off.

    Graphically, as a whole package it looks pretty lovely with some incredible vistas. The wind whipping up the leaves and blowing embers is rather stunning to watch. Photo mode is very well implemented.

    With is being a Sucker Punch game the controls are responsive, traversal is quick & easy and the combat is fluid. Loving the way that it isn't about mashing buttons to get the most hits but about waiting and looking for an opening or parrying to get the killer blow.

    Anything after TLOU2 was going to have a tough job and part of me feels that maybe the pair should have been released the other way around.

    As a combination of swansong titles for PS4 though it's one hell of a goodbye!!

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    Played this for a couple of hours last night and I really want get back it!

    I love the setting and I think the devs have done a great job with the combat system. I'm really enjoying that. The one thing I wish they'd done with it (unless it's an upgrade later?) is the ability to do the Stand-Off hold triangle in real-time combat, but instead it comes out as a lunging strike after a couple of seconds.

    There are some lovely vistas that have had me stopping in my tracks. Not really seeing how this is "a massive letdown" in the graphics department though. The characters look amazing. The scenery is epic at times. The combat looks amazing. Some of the strikes are so authentically stunning.

    Picking up loot from my horse!

    Sadly, I had to change the Japanese language back to English as I was missing some dialogue whilst focusing on the screen.

    Really enjoying it, so far. Can't wait to get back into it, but I have to take the kids out lol - selfish brats!

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    Put about 7 hours into this and only done two main quests and a couple of side missions. I’m too busy wandering around chasing foxes and golden birds
    Really enjoying this title though not something I would have gone for but glad I did

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    Poured more time into it last night until about 2am. This hits a nice sweet spot for me. Firstly the setting. I think the samurai world is graceful and beautiful. You see this in the world and the combat. Without the samurai theme, I'm not sure if it would be that special for me.

    Then there's the the exploration, the collectibles and the various weapons and armour to discover. The lovely shrines and stuff. I don't know how authentic it is, but everything looks awesome.

    So far, I am mostly levelling up down the samurai path, with a smidge of Ghost. The combat is simple, but again, I love how it looks!

    Photo Mode is absolutely stunning and I could spend too much time in there, doing dramatic camera sweeps to music.

    This is my game of the year so far. It's not reinventing anything, but if you want to feel like a bad ass samurai or sneaky ninja, then I deffo recommend it.
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    How's the difficulty? Some reviews mentioned it was too easy with no consequence for dying. What's the hard mode like?

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    I was dying very frequently on normal so have dropped to easy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Shoju View Post
    How's the difficulty? Some reviews mentioned it was too easy with no consequence for dying. What's the hard mode like?
    Not tried Hard mode, but I've been dying in combat quite a bit on Normal. There's a bit to consider during a fight. The sword fighters are easy meat, but you could face a small group of swords, spears and shielded. Each needs to be approached differently. But whilst you are fighting, there are usually multiple archers shooting your way too. So, changes of approach to immediate enemies, but also being mindful and listening out for the archers who shout when they are about to fire to warn their mates.

    I found it nice that enemies you had killed before dying stay dead when you respawn. This probably makes it easy though. It's not like a Souls game at all.
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