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    Paper Mario: The Origami King

    It's been a long time since I played a Paper Mario game. I dabbled with the handheld games to varying degrees but the last time I went fully through an entry on console was The Thousand Year Door with Super Paper Mario and Color Splash still on my backlog list. With that in mind and a decision made to wait to see what patches might do for the performance of Deadly Premonition 2 (yes, I haven't forgotten that's out too!) I figured this was a good one to start this morning.

    Immediately it's nice to see the humorous nods and cheeky humour back. The game is very quickly shown to be a good looking title for the Switch. I've only had a few examples so far of the battle system which at first feels like quite a change up from the normal turn based action but you quickly get used to it and it reveals itself to be largely very similar to what has gone before. I know franchise fans can be much heavier in scrutinising each entries improvements and otherwise with each new entry but on first impressions I'm liking this quite a bit.

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    I'm now in the middle of the Dungeon in 'World 2'. The game has six of these after the intro and hub town which you work through in a linear fashion. You do some field work before completing a dungeon which gives you the ability to make your way to the final boss of the area you're in. It's only just now beginining to dial up the complexity and difficulty of the combat system and still falls into the very easy category but I'm enjoying this quite a bit and it still has plenty run time ahead of it.

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    I've never played a Paper Mario game before so I have no glory days to compare this one to. Wanting something light-hearted I thought I'd take a chance on this. Only a little way in but really liking it so far ... it's got loads character and it just keeps me smiling. Really relaxing to sit down and play. It's a happy experience.


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