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    Does Another Century's Episode on PS2 not work with modchips?

    I have a copy of ACE on PS2, and I'm trying to play it, but it won't run - I get that "insert a PS2 format disc" error, as if I've put in a Blu-Ray or something. I've had this game since 2006 and I know it worked on my Japanese PS2, but thinking about it, I'm not sure I've ever tried it on my modded UK model.

    Does anyone here have a copy, and a modded PS2 - and if you do, can you try it?

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    Most modchips have a switch off, startup key combo. Try that?

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    Does your modded UK model play your other import games just fine?

    Do you know which modchip you have?

    Have you tried powering on with the game already in the drive from standby?
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    If it's a copy I guess switching off the chip won't help. I don't have a page saved but if it's the original you can google modchip guides and try some of the keys to press on start up. Sorry I'm not much help but you could also burn it to a different brand of media?

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    Yeah holding Start with disable the chip for Matrix Infinity/Modbo chips, though as you say that isn't going to help boot an import. I've had chips that don't like booting from the browser which is why I suggested what I did with the third question.

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    Thanks everyone, it turned out to be the controls for the modchip. To play imports on it, I have to put the disc in, switch it off, then tap the power button near-instaneously (not hold it for even a moment). I've had the machine for years but wasn't actually aware of this, presumably I've always previously just done it by accident!

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    Ha, yeah I know what that's like. The chip in my 90k requires me to hit power, and then hit it two further times to get into PS1/DVD mode. So much easier to just have autodetect on Matrix Infinity/Modbo chips.


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