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    Quote Originally Posted by Neon Ignition View Post
    Xbox content and services revenue has increased by 30% during Q2. MS expects a further 20%+ increase as the financial year continues driven by Series X/S
    Not surprised. Pandemic has made Sony, MS and Amazon a lot of money this year...

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    Quote Originally Posted by nonny View Post
    Nice, I'm all digital so zero games to bundle in... At least it's made it cheap to upgrade to a Series S and my Series X order was ultra cheap thanks to buying direct from MS using rewards.
    I'm like 80% digital at the moment. I find it better sometimes to buy the games brand new at retail and then sell them on when they either appear on Gamepass or because of dirt cheap with Gold deals.

    Made the room, just can't wait for the new consoles to come now

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    Quote Originally Posted by Family Fry View Post
    As someone who has spent two decades in software testing that is a monumental effort.

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    I saw a SeriesX unboxing. I like the box, it's really well packaged. I really like the little jacket the console comes in. It'll be satisfying to open.

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    And Halo Infinite looses another director. Sooooo thats going well then.

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    Ever Wild has also now lost one of its creative directors:

    Doesn't sound so much like he was asked to step down more that he's just resigned. Doesn't read well with both news stories so close together though so read into that what you will.

    Seems to be lots of games getting delayed at the moment across the industry so it's clearly difficult times to be in the business behind the scenes.


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