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    Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered [PS4/NSW/Mobile]

    Gonna get the ball rolling on this first play since there's some questionable stuff going on with the multiplayer.

    First of all, the big one, you cannot collect Myrrh in other peoples games. You can get item drops and work on collecting artifacts to boost your character stats or abilities but you cannot progress your own game unless you are the host of the lobby. 4 friends playing together will have to host switch every level and also repeat each level 4 times to keep up with each other. Game seems to be region locked. The game has a friend code system and I could not add my friends in the US, infact their codes gave me other people lol.

    Weirdly the game seems to encourage single player by making certain things like finding the hidden moogle caves for stamps only available when you are playing solo. The bosses don't seem to be scaled for multiple players, so you can literally kill any level boss in 10 seconds with 4 players, vs a couple of minutes and actually encountering some of the interesting boss mechanics while playing solo. I'm aware there is hard mode content, some of it new to this release but I'm not that far to see it myself.

    At the start of every level the game gives you an optional objective like "pick up items" or "deal magical damage" where you can score bonus points. When the level ends, the player with the most points gets to choose a relic first, relics are permanent character upgrades like heart containers, extra command slots or stat boosts. Playing solo? you get first pick every time. Saw one guy get the bonus objective for doing the coop sync attacks, and noone did those with him so he came last.

    I'll try post more solo impressions after I've put more time in

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    Oh wow, it's like SE missed the entire point of a game they themselves created. I wonder what let to those decisions.

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    I have really positive memories of the original, but I really can't remember details of the game - more just that each of us using GBAs was novel, and getting together in one place with three of my mates was really good fun. I've bought this remake to play with a group of online buddies (different platforms, but thankfully all in the EU at least), but I feel I'm going to miss at least some of the magic with the forced repetition of dungeons and the nudging towards doing some bits as solo.

    Man I hope they patch it soon.

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    How strange that they would do this to a game built around 4 player coop, when rereleasing it in a time when playing coop with multiple friends is vastly easier and more common generally.

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    What a waste of everyones time this release was. Back you go square and sort all this nonsense out, may look at it then.

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    Played through the first year yesterday - as expected, it was fun enough, but that was more to do with the company than by any particular feat of game design. I would have rather that they not bothered doing anything with the graphics and instead focused on improving the UI/UX side of things, because that is a total shambles.

    Example: finish a dungeon. Hooray! EVERYONE has to watch the minute-long cut scene (which is practically the same at the end of every dungeon) before divvying up the artefacts. Postmoogle turns up for the host and host alone. Here's a letter! Now here's the mail interface. Have to choose the new letter, read it, then hit respond, then add items/gil, then confirm to send. Interface closes. Do you want to read the letter again? Why would I? No, thank you. Do you want to read your diary when you get back to the world map? Definitely not, come on. Your friends have been waiting through this - likely spamming chat commands in boredom - and then you get back to the world map. Do you want to disband the party? No, I'd like to move on to the next dungeon. Well you can't - you can repeat this dungeon, or you can disband the party. I guess I'll disband the party then? You move on to the next location on the grid - oh, here's a cut scene - and sure enough, do I want to read your diary about this when you get back to the world map? NO THANK YOU.

    Only two hours in and I'm finding it really hard work. Will persist, but there's a lot of other modernisation that this needed other than just a lick of paint enough to call it a 'remaster'.

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    With you on that fuse, there's some weird stuff like that, that doesn't make much sense.

    I found out that if you have Alchemist as your family skill, like I do, then you don't actually want to mail replies back to your family as this will give you too much "rep" with them over time and cause you to skip rewards from your father when you go back to Tipa at the start of each year. Some of these rewards include the recipe for a great accessory and the ultimate weapon!

    I'm on year 4 I think, looking to just finish this up


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