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    The Dark Pictures Anthology

    I started this on Friday and had it wrapped up at midnight last night. Supermassive's new game is the first in an anthology series that will land with a new 4hr or so long instalment every six months if all goes according to plan. What is the game? Well, it's Until Dawn. Literally, there is nothing about the gameplay experience that separates this from Sony's first party hit other than window dressing. Instead of the Psychologist we now have the likeable Curator who guides us through a horror story in which we control 5-6 characters, ultimately deciding who lives and who dies. The first instalment is called Man of Medan and opens with a prologue set during WWII. After this opening action moves on to the main characters, a group of 5 who are deep sea diving for a relic which leads them on to a ghost ship.

    The game looks gorgeous, the biggest issue I'd probably levy against it is that like Until Dawn it's overly focused on jump scares and the game pretty much prods you to work out what's happening throughout yet blows its secret very early on which undercuts some of the suspense. For the most part it works though and the game does a great job of creating a sense of place to the setting. If you didn't like Until Dawn there's absolutely nothing here to change your mind but fans will find a decent slice here, it'll be interesting to know if they can maintain or improve quality with future entries.

    My ending - Everyone survived.

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    Just started Little Hope so I'll repeat what I did with the first post and put it all in one when I've finished the new episode. I find replaying Until Dawn pretty much impossible, the experience doesn't hold up at all on repeat once you know what's coming but in just doing the opening to this it's a reminder that as new experiences these are very quickly engaging.


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