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    Just found out you can use the torches (or any flame) on the turkeys to kill them and they drop Cooked Turky which gives you +1 heart

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    I knew that bombs worked, but not torches! This is great news. From what I've seen, the turkey farm and up to 3 turkeys are guaranteed in 1-2, so that's a great starter tip. Torches definitely have more use in this one, in the Jungle you can use them to burn large patches of foliage and open up routes too. If you see a campfire, you can whip it to get one now.

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    i was greatly surprised to find out what happens when you jump on a rock dog in the lava map.. to bad my AI helper decided to set off a ton of exploding crap everywhere with a pool lava below me... never saving them from that coffin again.

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    Yeah I stopped hiring the helper after he threw a boomarang and it came back and killed me lol.

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    Do the new AI companions offer any help at all or do they just add more deathly chaos into the mix?

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    its better at going after enemies but it just always leads to chaos on your door step or generally just getting in your way when trying to throw stuff. Best just open the coffin, get the player skin unlock and kill them.

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    Thanks. I think this sounds a tad too annoying for me, then. Spelunky 1 was already borderline.

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    Did anyone rescue the robot, Lise? Very creative what they've done with her face

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    Found these tips which might be useful on the PS blog

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    Best tip for this game is turn auto run off, and back to hold r2, slower is better.


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