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    Still haven't got the last shortcut unlocked (the RNG to get a helping hand is 4-x is one thing, trying to keep one alive is another thing entirely), but have now seen what I believe is the boss. Unfortunately I didn't have the resources to make a proper shot of it

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    Got my first clear, starting from the 3-1 shortcut and having a proper nail biter of a last boss encounter. Now there’s just a few million other things to do, like a no-shortcut run, exploring the other biomes, opening the last shortcut, figuring out all of the secrets (what is the DEAL with that sword)...

    I love it. It’s Spelunky all over again.

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    Had a few days off it and then tried it again yesterday and did much better than previous.
    Finally got past 1-4, after giving up trying to defeat the big hedgehog thing.
    Managed to continue all the way through to 3-1 in the run.
    I paid for the shortcut but still says under construction, I'm guessing I need to keep paying a few more times until its complete?

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    First boss has ton of ways to beat him outside of throwing rocks at him, you can do a bit of mario with certain boots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by doodledude View Post
    I paid for the shortcut but still says under construction, I'm guessing I need to keep paying a few more times until its complete?
    I believe there are three payments in total before it will open up, last one is 10k credits iirc.
    Lie with passion and be forever damned...

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    Nice little guide to the shortcuts:

    The last one is a repeat of one from the original - take the key from the dwelling (normally used for Udjat's Eye) through to 4-4. I remember this being a huge roadblock for me when I was first playing, taking countless runs and many weeks to get it right. Took about 20 minutes this time. I realise I sound like a dick saying this, but practice totally pays off.

    For what it's worth, getting the helping hand through to the same stage is a lot easier when you realise you can get them to fall asleep and sit still, leaving them in relative safety and you to finish the level by yourself. I have a couple of good clips from before I realised this, of them doing their very best to sacrifice themselves and **** up runs at 4-4

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    PSA: the new patch (1.08) crashes the game on boot, DO NOT UPDATE TO 1.08

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    Jumped back on last night, and paid my first visit to the City of Gold on yesterday's daily challenge. Still haven't done my first no-shortcut run though; have had plenty of promising runs where single mistakes have cost dearly. Need to remember it's a marathon, not a sprint...

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    Q-Q-Q-Quaduple post!

    Got my first no-shortcut clear last night. Most important details were that for once I talked myself down from the usual risky stuff; no black market, (mostly) no robbery, no Ankh, straight to the Tide Pool... and other than that, things went mostly to plan. Set off Madame's guards in 6-3 to snag a shotgun for the final boss, and that was it! Ended up at about $330k, which wasn't bad either.

    Spent a few hours trying to speed through it after, and feel like I've definitely got the 10 minute pace down with plenty of room to spare. I just need to not make silly mistakes and die halfway through

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    Still playing this but struggling to progress much.
    Getting done in by the bouncing idol on 3-1 most of the time, don't think I need to beat it I just need to get to the lower section to find the exit.
    Think I might try stocking up on bombs if I can so I can avoid it as much as possible


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