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    The All things MiSTer thread

    Picked one of the up in the sales thread (en route as i write this) for to see what it can do and after a good trawl through YouTube it seems it can do a lot.

    what i have is
    D10 Nano
    32mb memory
    USB hub

    future accessories and additions.
    128mb memory
    IO board for RGB out to a TV, and top add a fan.
    SNAC controller adapter and Snes/MD ports

    i would like to have a go at a consolising it in a case, and though of these:
    1: Megadrive (i have a pal non working one)
    2: N64 i have spare pal console, but fear that would need parts particularly for the controller ports if i want to use them.
    3: PS3 super slim, so i can use the sliding cd cover to access it.

    with Neo Geo, snes, MD/Mega CD, PC engine/Cdrom cores all working great and getting good write ups on youtube from retrorgb , smokemonster and Pez82 among a few. and with Jaguar and PlayStation cores being worked on (still long way off) but future seems bright.

    hopefully this pans out and ill move on my Mega SG/megadrives and eventually the Super NT/SD2Snes pro, playstation/PSIO.

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    I'm starting to get curious about this as well, mostly for tinkering but it looks like a great little all in one solution when its all set up.

    Let us know how you get on when it arrives

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    I love mine too but it's pig ugly. I hide it behind a Dell 4:3 LCD Monitor on a rotating stand (I use the IO BOARD out to DVI) . Many of the Arcade Cores support Tate and look amazing.

    If you are going to re-house it then choose the Megadrive as it can play that core, I'm not sure it will ever get an N64 one

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    I'm also thinking of getting a Mister setup. I'm fairly set for consoles, but the ever increasing library of arcade games is really intriguing me. I'm much more likely to pick up a Mister setup before the end of the year than I am a PS5/XBox!

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    So where is the best place to buy all this in the UK? seems to be the default place when searching, but as far as I can tell they only sell add-ons. What about the D10 Nano board itself?

    If I wanted to hook this up to a CRT TV I think I'd need the following:

    • D10 Nano board - The base unit essentially
    • PSU
    • Keyboard for setup
    • SD Card
    • SDRAM board (larger the better - 128MB as per op?)
    • An IO Board (MiSTer IO Board v6.1?)
    • A VGA to RGB Scart cable

    One thing that caught my eye in regards to the VGA to RGB cable on

    Many vendors are having a hard time keeping SCART cables in stock. At the moment, RGC has ones that will work with both the Analogue NT Mini and the MiSTer, however there are two issues: The cables will require a cheap audio adapter to work with MiSTer and they won’t on PAL CRT’s that require voltage to switch SCART into RGB mode (but they’ll work fine with PVM’s, OSSC, etc)
    I'm not sure if my TV does that tbh. I'm assuming the above issue is for that specific cable from RetroGamingCables but its made me a little weary.

    Wi-Fi, extra USB ports, SNAC controller adapters and the like are all nice but not needed for the base experience as best I can tell.

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    Just import the board direct from the states. Mine came very quick and there was no import taxes. Cost around 110 I think.

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    Quote Originally Posted by paulus View Post
    Just import the board direct from the states. Mine came very quick and there was no import taxes. Cost around 110 I think.
    Any links to where you purchased it from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by gware View Post
    For a complete solution these are based in Europe

    I got mine fully assembled from here. Awesome service, Ricardo is very helpful with any issues you might have.

    I’m running mine in RGB with the VGA to scart cable I bought from the same site. Looks amazing.

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    It gets expensive quick huh. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction fellas.


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