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    13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim [PS4]

    New, much-delayed Vanillaware joint. Wasn't really on my radar until launch, when a lot of my friends suddenly started talking it up.

    I'm only about 90 minutes in so far, and it's still teaching me a lot at this point. There's story-based sections, where you have rather limited but totally gorgeous scenes to run about in, talk to other characters, and the like, and then there's battle sequences which are somewhat RTS-y, though less to do with base building, rather just having control of a number of sentinels, knowing how best to position them, use their abilities and so on. It's different, that's for sure. Probably the most stand-out feature of it all is that yes, there are 13 characters, and no, it's not going to tell you anything in a traditional beginning to end narrative - although you start out unlocking character prologues one by one, when and where they might overlap is anyone's guess, there's clearly a lot of mystery from the get-go, and even the battle sequences that wrap each of them up don't even appear to follow on directly from what you've just seen.

    As the trailer will confirm, Vanillaware's (or rather, George Tamikani's) trademark art design is in place and even just this is a pretty good reason for giving this a look.

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    Any mods about that fancy merging these?

    For what it's worth, I'm getting quite into this now. Story moves at a reasonable enough clip, and with it jumping about so much it's hard enough keeping up, let alone getting bored. The battles are pretty fun too, and play quite unlikely anything else that comes to mind. Looking forward to when I can get back to it.

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    I'll put it on my PS4 wishlist. Until it gets deleted tomorrow.

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    Anyone who buys digitally should be.

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    Right up at the end of this now, have about 5 battles left and only the last 5% of story. It's not flawless by any means, but battles are actually pretty fun and the story is totally out there. It's ambitious and a bit daft, and it's a heck of a combo - I love it.

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    Yeah, this is great.
    I'm about 50% through it, but its all I want to play at the minute!

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    Finished this now, after taking the time to go back and get all of the additional objectives / S ranks before the last few fights. Ultra-clutch finish on the last mission, base health down to 3% and a gen 4 diving in from afar to take out missiles that were right about to hit - if that was in any way scripted, fair play to them!

    One of my favourites this year overall - story gets very silly, but I overall I enjoyed it a lot


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