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    9 Monkeys of Shaolin [PC, NSW, PS4, XB]

    So, I got this today on PC (Steam). It kinda came out of nowhere for me - just saw it and fancied playing it!

    Really enjoying it so far thought. It's a 2.5D "Streets of Rage" meets Shaolin brawler with a very nice artstyle but really crisp gameplay. You play Wei Cheng who has some mission to kill some bad guy or something and gets trained by the Shaolin monks. Combat system is intuitive with standard parry and short/long strikes. ou have some "Qi" power up bar which gives special attacks I think but I haven't really go into all that yet.

    There is co-op via online and local which I need to try and I think a total of 25 levels (I am only on level 2).

    At this stage - for a cheapish indie game - all positive.

    I'll chuck up my gameplay video later.

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    I saw this the other day, not sure what to make of it,

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