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    SEGA 60th Anniversary - free Steam games+discounts

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    Here's everything I could find:

    Sonic The Hedgehog 2

    The Battle of Kawagoe DLC for Total War: SHOGUN 2

    SEGA 60th Items for Two Point Hospital

    Endless Zone

    Armor of Heroes

    Streets of Kamurocho

    Golden Axed: A Cancelled Prototype should be free tomorrow, and tomorrow only.

    If you register at the SEGA 60th Anniversary Site, you'll get a free Steam copy of NiGHTS Into Dreams. Weekly content drops should also happen starting on the 21st.

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    Help me out here folks: I’ve not got an iMac but I’d like to register these so that in the event of me installing Windows I’ve got them available to me. My option from the store is just “Play this game” which gives me an error about them not being playable. Any bright ideas?

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    I think you need to have Steam installed. I'm on the same boat and wasn't able to claim most of the free stuff.

    Once you have, you trigger the download, cancel it and the items will show in your library.


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