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    Retro|Spective 157: Singularity

    History in Games:

    2010 - Singularity

    A Recon Marine, sent to a remote Russian Island, finds himself phasing between the present day and 1955 in a first person shooter with a clear inspiration lifted from Bioshock that launched three years prior. The game was a battle hard fought by its developer Raven who fended off cancellation from Activision until they finally managed to see the game released, its limited performance at retail led to them spending the next decade as a support studio for the Call of Duty series but quietly amongst the few who played it, Singularity fostered a fondness that still endures to this day.

    Where you a fan of this long left behind shooter?

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    Bizarre, completely passed me by this one- never heard of it tbh.

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    Bought this for 10 on after my mate John was raving about it , I wasn't expecting anything but its one of the most increabile FPS ever made, right up there with Exhumed, Half Life and Duke. Wish Acti would do a remake of this gem

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    100%, especially with the quality that Activision has been putting out on their remakes. It'd be great to see this get some thorough updating and another chance at getting attention as it really catches you off guard with how well it holds itself

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    Great game sent to die by Big Bad Bobby Kotick.

    Really good "old style" of FPS with structured levels instead of open worlds with lots of things to interact with. Some interesting concepts with the time manipulation, weapons and enemies. Anyone that dislikes modern roller coaster or open world FPS games should definitely play this.

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    What a wonderful, unexpected pleasure this was.

    I think I paid 4.99 for a brand new, sealed PS3 vers in like 2013.

    I didn't know it was trying to be a bit like BIOSHOCK, I assumed it was a generic COD clone with a fake sci-fi twist to distinguish it.

    But, NAH, they actually have taken cues from BIOSHOCK and made a very high-quality game that runs beautifully and still stands up now.

    This game is the epitome of the phrase "unexpected delight".

    And it runs brill on PS3, btw, I played that version before the 360 one and it's a brill, smooth port. Unlike F.E.A.R.,ffs!


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