I know some others used to shop quite a lot with buygame2.com, and when I was looking for Asian releases (specifically not Japanese ones) they seemed a pretty reliable place. I've got shipping notes from them as recent as March this year.

... and just now I've gone to look there, and the whole site's gone - no notice or explanation, just a dead site. I can't confirm 100% that this is their eBay account (they definitely operated one though), but buygame2 is based in Hong Kong and is no longer a registered user.

Google, on the other hand, is still able to find active social media profiles - Twitter and Facebook accounts that have posted as recently as this week, but all links going to the site are giving 404s.

Anyone used them more recently, or know what's going on?

EDIT: scratch all of this, I've just had their latest Facebook post translated - they're undergoing web server maintenance. Panic over!