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    I want to play this - but no PS5 for me (yet).
    The PSVR game was, let us not forget, based on a short "pack-in" for the PSVR so I can fully imagine this getting a more fully featured sequel.

  2. #12
    I would go as far as to say this is the best launch gane since mario64 and zelda on the switch, even though short, you cant hold that against it its amazing fun.

  3. #13
    Oh my god the rain section. How brilliant. I know I'm not adding anything new here but what they hey, it is really quite a pack in. Great work little Bot.

    Actually I will add, some great puns knocking around in there.

  4. #14
    You can tell there was a lot of care and love put into this.

    I loved seeing that T-Rex at the end

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    Just stunning. Very, very strong contender for GOTY.

  6. #16
    Nice as Miles Morales is its this I gravitate to when I put the machine on. It demands to be fiddled with feeling like a continuous stream of joy and discovery. One of the best freebies ever ... far more content than I expected too.

  7. #17
    Whoever suggested the final boss deserves a promotion. Bloody hell, I smiled.

  8. #18
    It's nice that they've finally found a solid mascot. It only took them 26 years.

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    Just to echo everyone else, this is a brilliant pack-in. A lovely introduction to the PS5. I really like the sort of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' concept that your PS5's SSD, GPU, etc are these explorable worlds run by the bots. Great idea.

    It really is all ages too - jam packed with fun fan service for the old heads, but also a bouncy interactive toy that I can imagine any kid having a whale of a time with.

    I'm really surprised by just how good it is (and it's not like my expectations were low, after reading the praise heaped on the VR game). It's much better and more full featured than it actually even needed to be. It feels like it's been made with real passion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dataDave View Post
    It's nice that they've finally found a solid mascot. It only took them 26 years.
    And let us not forget that under that white stormtrooper armour itís sackboy basically!


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