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    What's the best controller feels you've felt in the game?

    Clouds feel soft and slightly bouncy!

  2. #32
    Finally managed to get hold of a PS5 today and have been playing this all afternoon. I dont think I have played a game grinning from ear to ear like I did today in a long time. The game itself is super fun and a perfect demonstration of the dual sense controller, its up there with Mario 64 and Wii Sports in terms of being a perfect showcase of a new consoles new features. But its the constant references and celebration of all things PlayStation that really elevates this to being something special, the little details in this are insane, like controller cords being used as tightropes, the PlayStation icons being everywhere in the game, guessing which game is being referenced with the bots performing in front of a TV crew, even having all of the original PS logo designs on cards on a desk. The only negative thing about the game is that its too short. I really hope Team Asobi expand on this and make a full blown sequel in the future.

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    Its one of those rare instances in gaming of just pure joy and fun bottled up and put into code.


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