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    Sackboy: A Big Adventure

    Opening and first full level complete now and to a fair degree I think this meets the expectations of many where really it's the kind of game that will grace lower price tags in time. It's a platformer in something of the same vein as Astro's Playroom but with the inventiveness tamed back. Visually it looks decent, levels are full of detail and even though I've always found LBP's aesthetic to be a bit unpleasant it pops enough here.

    Whilst it doesn't give the impression of blowing anyone's mind I've been heavily glad to discover that it controls absolutely nothing like the god awful gameplay of LBP. Sackboy is not too far away from controlling like Astro for the most part and so responsiveness is much improved on the past. I think where this may come in is filling the gap of Astro ending and leaving you wanting more, with this offering some of a similar experience in some ways even if not to the same standard.

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    Installed it yesterday but will play it when I'm off on Monday.

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    How is it in the saccharine stakes? I always find Media Molecule games a bit of a turn off as they try so hard to be so unctuously sweet they make Kirby's Epic Yarn seem like Doom Eternal. Do the sub-contracted devs dial this down at all?

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    It feels very in line with Media Molecules tone but more concise and focused

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    This is perfect rainy day gaming.

    Sat here watching my 5 year old get used to holding a controller and laughing as he makes Sackboy do different actions.

    Dawn French and Richard E. Grant on the cast list too.

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    Been having a brilliant time with my other half with some well polished couch coop, just really fun.

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    This and AstroBot are real Nintendo tier levels of platforming gold!!

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    This will be the consoles underrated and overlooked gem unfortunately i feel. It really shouldn’t be, its great.
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