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Thread: Demon's Souls

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    Demon's Souls

    I make no secret that I'm no big fan of these types of games, neither finding the challenge fun or the gameplay that worthy of the praise. Launch day hype though has this installed in my system and I've done through to the first real bonfire at the point where the game truly begins. It seems to default to performance mode and I'm happy to leave it at that because once again, the loss of frames would be a harsh loss considering the game looks so good anyway.

    It plays exactly as you're familiar with, as is the Bluepoint way, but by god it looks good and I've already been trying to train on parrying etc because the extra frames make encounters feel more intuitive. So far it looks like it's very faithful but the visual upgrade definitely makes it feel new again in a way most remakes don't.

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    So I've just realised that there are no bonfires in demon's souls. You have to beat the entire level and the end level boss in 1 go.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cassius_Smoke View Post
    So I've just realised that there are no bonfires in demon's souls. You have to beat the entire level and the end level boss in 1 go.
    You do get to open up shortcuts though.

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    Yeah. Masterful shortcuts. And a nerve-shredding challenge before you find each one. I utterly love this game (played it on PS3 for the first time this summer), and itíll be the first thing I install on my PS5 Slim in 2022.

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    Well, either I suck or they have fixed the AI on the


    Got totally spanked. Managed to help someone through the Prison of Hope which was great fun as expected but need to upgrade my weapons already to be competitive as a BP.

    So much more atmospheric now so brilliant to play still. I really appreciate the effort that has gone into this.

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    It's just lovely to be back where I was over a decade ago. Great memories rushing back in wonderful technicolor. The level design is still great. Going up one tower in Boletaria Castle and then coming down the next to fight the boss. Pushing on bit by bit, learning the ways. It's great to finally have a well deserved. remake. Bluepoint have done a great job. Going for a strength build where I can just batter things with an axe

    Also, playing in performance mode. I just can't go back to 30FPS. Same for the Spider-Man games.
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    For new guys looking for a decent place to farm some souls early on...

    Enter Island's Edge (3rd archstone I think). These skeletons at the start are worth nearly 300 souls each. They're aggressive, but if you use a well timed riposte (Parry) using R2, you can 1 hit kill them. Just keep enticing them back to near the beginning in case you die, so you can easily retrieve your souls again.

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    Guys, the loading times are a game changer. From title screen into Nexus into World is amazing. When you die... Zing bang bop! Back in the mix. Makes grinding areas less of a chore.

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    Damn this looks amazing. I need to stop looking into this thread as my previously dormant next-gen glands are starting to twitch...

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    Nice tasty Uchigatana is now slicing up the poor people who Iíve invaded. Some excellent fun to be had with jolly cooperation if anyone wants to beat up some demons


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