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    Biohazard 2 Collector’s Edition PS4

    Biohazard 2 Collector’s Edition, PS4 ver (Japanese release)

    Comes with all the bits inside (Leon figure, game, book, map, etc) like new or still sealed (only figure has been out of box).

    £145 inc delivery or may swap for a New 3DS or New 3DS XL.



    Bayonetta 1 for Nintendo Switch download code (UK/EU) - £15 £12.50

    SOLD Paddy

    Bullet Soul Infinite Burst for X360 (region free) - excellent condition - ?25 or would consider a trade/part-ex for Alien Isolation (PS4 or XBONE) SOLD dvdx2

    - Official Sony PlayStation (&PS2) RGB Scart cable - ?20 delivered
    (SOLD speedlolita)

    - Official Sony PS2/PS3 Component cable - ?10 delivered

    - The Wonderful 101 (factory sealed) a ?19 delivered (SOLD to boxhead)

    - Dark Souls Official Guide (hardcover, unsealed but never used) - ?20 delivered (sold off site)


    Pal GameCube bundle

    what's included -

    - console (black - nice cond but tatty box - comes with official purple controller, PSU and av cable)
    - official GameCube RGB scart lead (boxed, excellent condition)
    - Wavebird controller (boxed, controller in excellent condition, box generally very good but missing cardboard insert and noticeably has had a small a sticker removed)
    - official memory card
    - Super Mario Sunshine (complete - original cover - vgc)
    - F-Zero GX (complete - original cover - vgc)

    ?115 ?100 delivered (not looking to split) (sold off site)

    - Dark Souls II black Armour ED (DLC used) - ?25 delivered (sold off site)


    Infamous Second Son (perfect cond) - ?28 delivered (SOLD to fuse)

    Tomb Raider Ltd Ed (slipcase/art book) - PS4 (UK)

    Excellent condition - ?30 delivered (SOLD off site)

    XRGB-Mini (Framemeister) - 100% complete & boxed, English language firmware, only few hours use since new
    - European SCART to Framemeister XRGB Mini Converter adapter - this one:
    - d-terminal to component (female) adapter

    Everything you need to plug in and get playing!

    ?195 delivered via RMSD (SOLD honeymustard)

    UK DSi XL in yellow. Bought brand new earlier this year and must have clocked 2 hours play tops. Boxed, complete and like new. ?65 delivered (SOLD to stoofle)

    - Dragon's Crown for PS Vita (US ver) Brand New/Factory sealed ?36 delivered (sold busterbroon)

    Brand new Espgaluda II faceplate for XBOX 360 (from the limited edition pack). Comes in the original big box but the box is damaged on one corner. ?15 deliviered (PPG prefered). SOLD nuskool

    - Nintendo 3DS XL system (blue) - includes all Ambassador games ?150
    - Mario Kart 7 - ?17
    - Super Mario 3D Land - ?17
    - Zelda: Ocarina - ?12

    Take everything for ?185
    (SOLD buster broon)

    Neo Geo AES games (1 original & 2 quality conversions);

    - Last Blade 2 (Jp original - near mint) ?130 (SOLD vanpeebles)
    - Neo DriftOut (conversion - UK style sleeve - near mint) ?110 (SOLD vanpeebles)
    - Metal Slug (conversion - UK style sleeve - very good) ?90
    (SOLD briareos_kerensky)

    Last Blade 2 & Neo Drift Out were bought from VGI a couple of months back. Neo DriftOut was listed as all original SNK parts (cost the same as LB2).

    Metal Slug.

    SOLD:Jp PS2 games (both minty);- Gradius V with History of Vic Viper booklet ?20 > ?17.50- R-Type Final ?10 > ?8.50Take both for ?25 > ?20 (SOLDIkobo)Jp PlayStation- Umiharakawase Shun second editionMint throughout complete with spine & reg card?40 delivered (SOLD Garrz32)Ceramic White NTSC-J PS2 SlimlineComes 100% complete. Everything in excellent condition with only the box showing a few minor signs of wear.SCPH-75000 cw?85 delivered or will swap for a DSi XL / pt-ex for a 3DS
    (SOLD Decider-VT)

    XBOX ONE: Elite Wireless Controller. Used for one hour tops so like new and 100% complete. Will also include GAME receipt if desired. ?Removed from sale

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    Colossus reduced, Gradius V, Uncharted 2 & Vanquish added

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    I'll take Vanquish if still available Phil?

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    Quote Originally Posted by ikobo View Post
    I'll take Vanquish if still available Phil?
    It's yours dude. PM incoming.

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