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    [NSW] Zoids Wild Infinity Blast

    Haven't I already started a thread about Zoids Wild? Yes I did, but it was Blast Unleashed, this is about Infinity Blast. Currently Infinity Blast is only available on the Switch in Japan, and I couldn't find any info about a possible port to other formats or other regions.
    And it's a shame, because between the two, Infinity Blast is clearly superior. It would also benefit from a more powerful hardware (or better optimization), because while the framerate is stable in both docked and handheld modes, the resolution is often dynamically scaled, giving the game a very blurry look. However, compare to Blast Unleashed, there's also more stuff on screen, with Zoids showing off their weapons and stages with more details both inside and outside the gaming area. Some of the Zoids not present in Blast Unleashed are also larger and more detailed than your run-of-the-mill metal animal.
    It also takes much less time to unlock the T-Rex, or DEATHREX as the game calls it. There's also the robotic rendition of the Spinosaurs called the Genospino. Cool name, but you can't really beat DEATHREX.

    I don't know much (or at all, in fact) about Zoids lore, but Infinity Blast foregoes any semblance of story: you are an unnamed, unseen, and silent protagonist with a knack to tame/pilot/train/whatever Zoids, and the rest of the cast is composed by three anime characters that couldn't be more generic: superior officer/navigator/secretary/aide lady, merchant lady, and mechanic guy. Sure they have names but they only appear in the main single player mode, so I don't really care. The officer lady mentions an "empire" more than once, so I guess you are fighting against them, but...don't care. If there's one thing Blast Unleashed did better was the story: it was a bunch of insufferable anime kids, but at least they weren't as bland as the people in Infinity Blast.

    The main single player mode is a series of missions in which you fight other Zoids aboard your Zoid (I guess, there's no clear indication of a cockpit anywhere on these things), chosen among the unlocked cast. New Zoids are unlocked as you progress through these missions, along weapons and colours to customize your favourite robotic beast. Weapons tend to be quite expensive, and missions have a fixed monetary reward, no matter how good you have been. Items are instead unlocked by completing secondary objectives, like staying above 50% health, defeat an enemy with a special attack, and so on.
    All Zoids are well characterized in their normal and special attacks, movement, and defence; they can be further customized by adding weapons all around their body, and the first two weapons you attach will also be actively used during matches; the rest will improve the Zoid's stats. After building up the Blast meter, Zoids can unleash their power: this will make all normal and special attacks more powerful, and they'll be depicted by brand new animations: you might not be able to beat DEATHREX's name, but seeing the Genospino activating its saw and doing backflips to bring all its offensive weight onto an opponent is an exilerating sight.
    This however doesn't change the fact that all matches are resolved by hammering the normal attack button to do an automatic combo and trigger the occasional special attack. All Zoids can string a more complex combo, but no matter which Zoids/weapon combination you have, the way you approach fights is always the same. Infinity Blast tries to spice things up with 1-VS-many missions or even 2-VS-1 giant Zoid, but every encounter is barely 2 minutes long and by the time you reach the end of the second chapter, every mission will look the same.

    Weapons aside, you can change your Zoids' colours and even give it a name. Unfortunately colours are limited to a predefined palette of shades and the vast majority of them are locked, so for a very long time you are constrained in your choice. Developers should have taken a page from Gundam Breaker and give players more freedom in customizing colours, and maybe add extra stuff like battle damage, dirt, and surface properties (reflectivity and glossiness).
    Names, again, aren't free and you must composed them from the selection the game gives.

    Infinity Blast features a large gallery with 3D models, illustrations, BGMs, and other goodies. There are also a ton of 2P modes, I think online as well, as well as some secondary single-player modes which I still haven't touched yet.
    So, just like Blast Unleashed, Zoids Wild Infinity Blast is a surprisingly complete package for a limited but fun game. If you are mildly interested in Zoids and this title reaches western shores I'd say to give it a go.

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    When you complete story mode you unlock Godzilla.
    it's not named Godzilla, but it's a giant bipedal dinosaur with glowy spikes on its back that shoots beam from the mouth.

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    Nope, different game. For Blast Unleashed, go here.
    Both use the same graphics engine and fighting mechanics, but Blast Unleashed has half the cast, no customization options, and is full of annoying Kennys.
    Infinity Blast is the superior game thanks to the amount of content, but doesn't have two things Blast Unleashed has: English text, and a bad guy who is a cross between King Diamond and Immortan Joe.


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