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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Tag yourself, I'm "Horn on the iron bridge"
    Is that the name of an album?

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    Quote Originally Posted by QualityChimp View Post
    I'm "G Sensor Play Guard"
    Excellent choice!

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    Been playing a bit more today i seem to be doing quite well in mission mode playing on normal difficulty so far and managed to get quite a lot of A & S ranks but i needed more hearts to unlock the final mission at the end of the line. Decided to go back through the first string of missions & change difficulty modes to get some more hearts. Also unlocked the secret branch path but i haven't done any of those yet, keep getting caught out by the speed limit signs they are like "you can go at 60 now" then you do so and shortly after it's like "make sure you stay under 40" hahaha caught you out here's a penalty for you. So i'm travelling slower than i probably should but it gives me time to figure out what incoming things i need to look out for especially for those train fan heart ranks. Finally started to remember to turn off the headlights when you approach incoming trains so that's a start.

    Enjoying it a lot so far.

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    I *still* have not got it. It is still, apparently, on the way from Netherlands since 27th December.

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    Completed the first 2 licenses in mission mode been doing more of the side ones like the secret mission off branches and those gold circled harder missions. Still can't work out what the yellow checkpoint gates are for the ones that have the variable seconds time on them i guess you are supposed to get to them within a certain time limit but i never know if im over or under with them the blue and orange speed gates i have worked out but the yellows still confuse me.

    Got caught off guard on one of the side missions as it was using a different train and i didn't realise for that model the break was assigned to the right stick, cue me blazing through a station lol sorry passengers you'll have to wait for next one i'm already on my way

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    Yellow is what you suspected. These are passing stations. Usually these are in missions like on the Saiko line where stops are further apart with one or two passing stops in-between. You usually have to be on your toes trying to keep to the maximum speed limits to get in good steed to hit those passing stop times. You can usually tell if you're going well or not be referring to the time at the bottom of the screen.

    I'm currently on the 4th license. One stage at the moment has a section that changes speed limits so fast and so near to a stopping station that it has you coming into a station like SilverStreak if you adhere to speed too strictly. I guess it teaches you to be mindful of the distance guage.
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    Finally, I have received it after being sent on 17th December!
    I will have impressions later. Toot toot!

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    Quote Originally Posted by saif View Post
    Finally, I have received it after being sent on 17th December!
    I will have impressions later. Toot toot!
    It is a good day. Good luck out there.

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    Playing this after seeing a couple of others play this and I'm really enjoying it so far. It feels simple enough that you can get the hang of it fairly quickly, but difficult to master! Just about to get my level 2 license.

    I love the express train missions, blazing through the stations at around 110km/h is a great feeling, till you realise it's actually your stop

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    Only played a bit so far but have enjoyed the memories so far!
    There seems more checks and buttons than I remember on DDG Final but my Japanese was better then so I didn't feel overwhelmed in the same way.
    Not convinced on the controls - would prefer d-pad but could not find the option. Did a tutorial and a bit on the sobu line. Next: VR.


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