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    I get 3 most of the time, and generally turn them off as soon as I see another train, flicking them straight back on the second that you pass the driver's carriage bit at the front.

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    You get 3 hearts if you dim your lights as early as possible. The further away the oncoming train is, the more likely you'll get 3 hearts. Then switch back on once the oncoming driving carriage has past you.

    What @fuse said. Toot toot!

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    Feels like such a waste to not be able to look around a bit. I think there is less than Final, which is a shame. Played an hour or so last night. It really is pretty compelling. I do also enjoy the difference in weight and design of the trains.

    Observation mode is ridiculous! Obviously, I like it.

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    God damn it, so close to that zero pita award only .7 out. Had to make do with near zero instead. Closest i have gotten so far.

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    Getting closer to zeropita managed to get 0.2 ironically when it was raining as well. I love the sound effects when raining especially as you speed up it sounds so natural. Now completed the license to the level 4 map and onto 5, just have that and the go map to complete and main mission mode will be clear but still have a lot of side secret missions and the harder ones to complete to get those sweet sweet unlockables as well as trying on the harder difficulty levels. There's still a crapload to do in this one, apart from a couple of quick goes on daily roulette & arcade mode i have barely touched those yet or the VR mode either.

    Hoping this one sells enough that taito start making these more often again it would be nice to cover some of the more rural lines or some of the special lines like the tetsudo nippon games do. Also get rid of that creepy uncanny valley looking bint and replace her with that cute anthropomorphized ticket character from the DS densha game. Never understood why they try and sex up a train game but i guess nerds are thirsty creatures so they have to appeal to their simp tendencies. A tad cringey when train bint's stats come up during the loading screens, i mean do we really need to know that train bints hobbies and her favourite food (Taiyaki btw lol)

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    My closest is 0.7m too! But I am regularly outside a metre too - feel quite unreliable but that is me, definitely. I do not like the older trains with the right stick brakes! The feeling of different trains is quite well done though. I wish you could make the HUD smaller.

    As long as we know the blood type, all other information is irrelevant, right? (This is actually one of my favourite things about Japanese games)

    I think that this is unlikely to be expanded which is a shame - it is an odd package of content really for what is there. I can see that modelling the areas they have done would take time and so can see that it may not be sensible to make loads of areas but, as far as I can see, they are far from utilising the assets they have. I have had no missions on the yamanote in the clockwise direction yet nor any mention of the sobu line (which looks cool running into akihabara) in the home mode.

    The urban setting is great for an arcade game as there are lot of inputs within a given period of time so I wonder if they will step away from that.
    I am really enjoying it (as I did Final all those years ago) but it does feel a bit of an incomplete package. I can see it is v1.00 so there could be content dropped later. Maybe around the time the Switch version comes out?

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    I can fully understand why they chose the line they did it would be too much of a risk to make it on some obscure line, same with the missing train station jingles it would probably cost a fortune to get them all in. There's the risk that after all these years that it could bomb hard i know train fans are pretty obsessive but i don't know if there's still enough in Japan to make this a hit or not i mean the last time densha was released at home was on the DS of all consoles (did love that one though the showa era time slip was a unique twist)

    For me it's mainly the fun of riding around Japan, trains are fun but it's not something i'm hugely into like obsessing over set models or lines. I mean if they released a UK version it wouldn't grab me at all, it's the Japanese angle that i find appealing. Although it would be hillarious if they did localise imagine the run down ****holes that some cities have for stations , it would be super easy to play too as you wouldn't have to rely on the timer counting down seconds any more as you can just turn up whenever.

    Chav de go

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    I think the arcade version has content the PS4 version has and doesn't have and vice-versa. Looking at the mission events page here there seems to be lines not on PS4. Here's some images of things they have in AC version. Hopefully some of it will spill over to console.

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    Seems ripe for some DLC expansion, hell even paying to add in the station jingles wouldn't be totally out of the realms of possibility. Ah big boob train bint front and center again, densha de ho. Wonder if i can convince Andy at arcade club to get the machine in?? would be fun to try the arcade version, gonna guess it's obscenely expensive one.


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