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    Quote Originally Posted by importaku View Post
    Seems ripe for some DLC expansion, hell even paying to add in the station jingles wouldn't be totally out of the realms of possibility. Ah big boob train bint front and center again, densha de ho. Wonder if i can convince Andy at arcade club to get the machine in?? would be fun to try the arcade version, gonna guess it's obscenely expensive one.
    If you convince him I will be there the following weekend! There are smaller AC builds too. Have you seen the controls on it? There's touch controls where you literally do your pointing.

    2 mins in

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    I got train sim world (mainly for my nephew) and you are right, it did not grab me.

    I had no interest in trains before Japan and, really, it is a different thing there as there are so many of them. It is really astonishing.

    That extra content does feel fairly simple to include as I think the graphical standard is the same. Absolutely ripe for DLC as the mechanics are pretty solid. The top two look like Osaka and the bottom two like Nagoya.

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    Finished the license mission for level 5 now on the last page where to GO missions are interestingly this one ambles all over the place with two license missions at the end. Have a feeling this one won't be as easy to clear.

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    I have to say, it is a shame that "GO!" is level 6 as the Japanese for 5 is, in fact, "go".

    I am going to do the secret missions a bit more as they have variety to them. The 201s are quite a bit heavier.

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    The GO levels are handing my ass to me lol, just tried the first one and barely scraped though those 6 stations with the tiniest bit of green left by the end. Up til now i have completed each mission with having a reasonably huge surplus of the green gauge as a backup, lol not any more the timings are getting very tight where it's already zero and i'm not that close to the platform so i'm getting to the stop point 30 seconds or more late i'll have to go full on seppuku for my passengers at this rate and the station manager will be issuing a fully televised apology

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    Sounds like there is much more mastery to it. I think I am the same in terms of it being a challenge but not too difficult so far.

    Also, disappointingly, you can't share play this game (I wanted to demo it) to UK accounts as the game is jot released (yet) in your territory.

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    Maybe that's why when i unlock trophies they don't show up on the what you have been doing stream where all your friends stuff appears when they unlock trophies too.

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    I am now onto the GO! page of missions and have some observations.

    The main train (E235) is much more responsive than the others, it is quite a bit quicker to start up and slow down.
    Heart points are more variable and can be pretty tricky to get. The earlier you dim your lights, the more you get (up to 3)
    You get extra heart points for not "rebraking" so you start heavy and soften - I have no idea how this is even possible!
    There are cheeky heart points available when you are stationary - my tip would be to turn the lights off when you stop so if any trains come in as you start the next mission, you will be ready (dimmer also works when the map screen is on (as do all the controls).
    There are often heart points available in stations as you come in and there are trains already in the station.
    You lose points if you turn the lights off too much (I did not realise until later!) so do the above with caution.
    You can engage the emergency brake without L2 so careful!

    I use the stepping control as standard but L1 then switches to the "masucon" style. hudson mentioned he used the mascon and then held L1 to lock whereas I do the opposite - L1 effectively releases.

    The gates I have seen (I am colourblind so apologies if these are not quite right):
    Orange: Speed limit
    Yellow: Passing point
    Red?: stopping point

    Light blue: Target speed gate
    Deeper blue: Target speed section.

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    (Double Post - sorry)
    I have now done all the "gift" levels that unlock stuff except the very last test. I did those before the GO levels.

    The Narita Express is (for semi-obvious reasons) the last Japanese train I went on and it is weird to drive actually. It feels faster than the others and running through at 100kph really feels fast and risky. Not a fan of the design of the hud for it though.

    I'll work more slowly through the last page and I have done very few of the challenge/harder missions on the early pages.

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    Wow, you're tearing through it. I'm still on license 4. Admittedly, I have played for several days. I'm looking forward to trying the Narita Express.


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