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    Honestly, I would stick with them. I thought exactly the same. I changed some of the controls around, like having the sticks be stepped by default, but the more you play, the more you realise, that default controls works best. In my opinion anyway. You'll find that a flick of the stick for certain tight speed adjustments or little boosts towards under-shooting a stop will come in handy.

    When I set off, I flick the stick fully forward and then hold L1 to lock it in position (no need to hold stick). Then if I hit a speed limit I want to maintain, I release L1 and immediately, you're in neutral.

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    So the VR is excellent fun. I think it isn't a complete version of it (as I was hoping) but the sensation of smooth movement is very well done.

    I have cleared the first page and unlocked a secret mission course on that page and also page 2. It is an oddly compelling game and can see myself coming back to it.

    My understanding of the weight is quite bad so my stops are pretty inconsistent but I have changed the stick control to stepped and up to brake (due to not being able to change the vr one, I think). I do like being able to get to neutral quickly.

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    VR features all arcade mode, but yeah would have been nice for it to spill over into the new campaign.

    Regarding weight, a few things to consider that will affect your braking. How many passengers onboard. Indicated by the four different people icons, ranging from Minimal, Low, Normal and Crowded. Heavier trains will take longer to slow down. You can see this indicated before a mission or watch how many get on.

    Weather also affects braking. So in wet and icy conditions you may need to brake soon than usual.

    There's also whether you are travelling uphill or downhill to consider. Although, I've not seen a gauge for this, so it may be just a visual check on the tracks.

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    Cheers hudson. I will probably look at arcade mode later tbh, but thank you for that information. I have not seen up/down slopes indicated though they were in older versions.

    I am playing on easy to unlock things tbh so I imagine that I would be failing a lot if I was not

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    That's a good idea. I'm playing on the difficulty one up from that. It can be a slightly stressful juggling act at times. Just to rub our noses in it the last difficulty suggest it's the real Densha De Go judging from it's icon.

    I had a wild thought before that this might play well on an arcade stick.

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    If anyone is interested in seeing the game played in VR by someone that is fairly incompetent, here is a link to my stream from my first go. Probably worth skipping the first minute or so.

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    NIce one. Even if it's a bit lo-res, it looks great in VR. I like how you are waiting on the platform at the results screen.

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    The stream is 720p and it looks quite distorted on the stream but it is better on the headset. The colours look a bit different but it feels like footage from a security camera
    Definitely going back after work. The jingles are being missed but the directionality of the sound is pretty cool. All the noises from the doors etc is in the rear channel.

    Am I right in thinking there is no external view? Feels like Final may have more content as a result. It is weird that the sobu line is only in Arcade - feel like a pretty easy thing to incorporate and it isn't a huge set of stations included.

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    Yeah no external view. I really hope they are still working on it to add stuff like that. I would like leaderboards too. AND content update, as the AC version now has more stuff.

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    Managed to get my 2nd license today kind of fitting that it's snowing both outside and in the game during that mission lol. Still can't figure out how to get the max of 3 hearts when passing trains. I know you turn your headlights off before it passes you then turn back on but most of the time i only get one heart but there have been times where i have gotten two. I thought it's something to do with how close you are before you turn them off but i have tried both really close & and further away but it seems to just give me one heart, i'm obviously missing something.


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