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    I am not tearing through - I am stopping appropriately and staying within limits and speed gates I shall have you know!

    Honestly, I find it to be an ideal balance of relaxing and attention required (until the harder missions) and it is quite simple to do one mission or two in my lunch break, for example.

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    Just dropping in here to say that I am about to get started on this. Thanks for all the helpful posts so far!

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    This game is magic.

    So many nostalgic sights and sounds when playing and the menu design and music is wonderful.

    It looks amazing and despite there being no English, it explains itself extremely well.

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    Glad to have another begloved colleague. Toot toot! Let us know if you have questions.

    I just did the last page of licence tests. Much harder time limits so you really need to come into the stations hot. But those are both 10 stop levels so take a bit of time.

    Will go back for the challenges and also there is a full loop mission to do.

    And then the other modes too. Have only done the other lines every so often but the faster ones are actually quite tense.

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    Finally completed the main mission mode, love the song that plays during the credits the same one they used in the promo videos before release, shame i can't listen again unless i replay that final license mission. Thought it might be in the options somewhere to watch again but i couldn't see anything. That final mission where you have to do all 30 stations in one go is a bit evil but i realised that as long as i was hitting those speed limit gates dead on i could rack up a load of green gauge from all the 3 star bonuses. By halfway around the loop i had already maxed it so far that on the couple of stations i totally screwed up it didn't even go down despite me getting a 15 second penalty no idea how much i had in total stored up but i could have just probably blasted through several stations without stopping

    Seems the last license unlocked a extra difficulty mode when you press triangle there's now legend difficulty yeaaaah not gonna try that one just yet. Time to start playing in daily roulette and arcade mode to get those done.

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    I found the same thing with the loop mission too. Also, not quite as daunting with "rest" mode on the PS4 although I did not use it but it made me feel like I was taking on an undertaking that I could pause at any time.

    I have not been quite as captured by a game in a long, long time.
    I even have a spreadsheet set up of all the mission mode missions I have done (missing the challenge ones I have not done) with unlocks etc. Happy to share if anyone wants it.

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    uh-oh the game made you start a spreadsheet lol. Was trying to keep this thread cool. Fair play

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    Nothing is cool when I am involved! Even games about driving trains.

    (I am pretty quick at this kind of stuff - and liked working out how to do it for the multiple pieces of data)

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    I'd be interested in the mission spreadsheet please!

    Played a couple of missions last night, still very early but enjoying it thoroughly.

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    I have just amended it a bit to add a key so you can see what I mean.

    I have 108 missions for the "Story" mode which is on the tab called UchiDe. Line, Route, train, weather and congestion for each with unlocks in there too if you want to aim for certain things.

    Any feedback gladly received.


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