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    Your Gaming Spend - 2021 Edition

    After what has been, or has to have been for many, a back breakingly expensive year for new hardware expenditure we get to reset the abacus on the first of the new month as we herald in a new year of gaming. You may plan to pick up new hardware in 2021 which could see the coming year be a heavy outlay one or you may be looking to claw back your battered bank balance.

    Do you have the might and stomach to sign up for another year of assessing you spending damage?
    Was 2020 a good year or a naughty list one for your spending?

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    I'm dialling it back massively for 2021, got other things IRL that need my attention/money.

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    Here we go again...

    January -$88.31
    Ring Fit Adventure $104.99
    Trade in for eShop credit: -$147
    Make up credit to $149: $2
    Yoshi's Crafted World [NS] $56.69


    March $146.98
    Super Mario 3D World+Bowser's Fury [NS] $62.99
    Monster Hunter Rise [NS] $83.99

    April $782.46
    The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Complete Edition [PS4] $13.99
    PS5+DualSense bundle - $755.92
    500yen eShop credit $5.81
    (bought Override for 298 yen)
    Homefront - The Revolution [PS4] $6.74

    Nintendo Online 1 year $26.24

    Game Builder Garage [NS] $41.99

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    My final tally of spend in 2020 was - 3,221

    Which is the highest on record I've ever spent in a year since I started tracking my spend in these threads in 2010. Obscene amount and I need to come in under 630 to break the opposite record which will very much be the plan in 2021 as I was doing well for a few years till the new gen hit.

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    I'll be honest, I lost track of my spending after August. I can say, however, that it was wallet slayingly expensive in 2020 thanks in no small part to the two next-gen consoles as well as the One X I bought just before lockdown and TLOUII PS4 Pro (although the cost of that was offset by selling some bits).

    Aiming for below 750 this year which I think is doable if I stick to major titles only and a few PSN / eShop sale titles.


    Nintendo 12 Month Online Subscription - 14.49.
    25 PSN Credit (SF5CE and Yakuza Kiwami 2) - 22.85
    Animal Crossing New Horizon (NSW) - 30
    50 eShop card for Mario Kart 8 Deluxe & random sale games - 50
    Resident Evil 2 (PS4) - 7
    25 PSN Credit (Knack 2, Killzone Shadow Fall) - 20.67
    10 PSN for retro goodies (KOF2000, Garou, Last Blade 2) - 9.85
    Yakuza Like A Dragon (PS4) - 21.97

    January Total = 176.83


    Destruction All-Stars (PS5) - Free
    15 PSN Credit for GTAV Premium Edition - 13.85
    Nintendo eShop Discount Voucher - 84 (for SM3DW & SM3DA)
    LEGO Marvel Collection (PS4) - 16.49

    February Total = 114.34


    Xbox Series S Console (XBS) - 249.99

    March Total = 249.99


    Good Job (NSW) - 8.20
    Returnal (PS5) - 55.24
    35 PSN Credit for Fuser - 30.49
    10 PSN Credit for Fuser DLC - 9.79

    April Total = 103.72



    Ratchet & Clank - Rift Apart - 59.80



    Kena - Bridge of Spirits (PS5) - 32.99


    Deathloop (PS5) - 49.85





    Xbox Series S Console - 240
    Immortals Fenyx Rising (PS5) - 22.50

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    Didn't take long for the wallet to open... Made use of the Xmas Sale/Epic Store 10 voucher to get it cheap at least.

    SnowRunner: 10.99

    Total: 10.99

    Like Euro Truck Simulator but its driving trucks/lorries through snow and icy hills (reminds me of that Ice Road Truckers show you'd see on Quest).

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    I dread to think what I spent last year, I’d love to track this years spend, it shouldn’t be too bad as my wife went nuts for me for Xmas and I now have all the consoles I need.

    Anyway, nothing spent as of yet (02/01/21) but I’ll try and update this post as I do.

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    Well, I made it to Jan 2nd.

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    Looking at what is coming to game pass and what rewards points I've got accruing I reckon I could get to April / May without spending anything ...

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    I've got Resi 8 and GT7 lined up for this year. Kena looks nice but I'll wait for opinions first. After that I'll just see what takes my fancy.


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