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    Quote Originally Posted by fuse View Post
    Yup - good article about it here.

    Wow, that was really interesting and insightful. Thanks very much I'm really looking forward to this now

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    I've had my Nintendo Switch for over a year now and only had one physical game for it which was Tetris 99 (even though it's mostly free via NSO haha) but when I saw this I knew I had to grab it, I really love the original Power Strike / Aleste MS games and the GG ones were quite good too.

    I got mega lucky a year or so back in ending up with the US mail order exclusive Power Strike Special Edition when ordering a Boxed normal copy from CEX, I hadn't played the game in my youth as I never had a Master System so it wasn't a case of liking it for nostalgia, this game was just pure awesome!

    This new Aleste Collection is really cool, it looks, sounds and plays fantastic. In all honesty the limited edition was a bit on the pricey side and would have been nicer if it included a soundtrack CD too, but overall I wasn't too bothered and got it anyway.

    The Game Gear Micro in all honesty I'm probably not going to use much if at all but it sure is cool and my favourite looking (and games line up) of the Micro editions.

    For now I've just played through the games bog standard without utilising any of the features, next I'll try the no slowdown mode and other options to see how they play.

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    Just received my copy of Aleste Collection for the Switch. GG Aleste 3 is fantastic. It really does feel like a Compile game and is working the humble GG hard. This is even better than its predecessor it’s that good. I know it’s not authentic but I reckon this could be a stiff challenge with the slowdown eliminated. Another great effort by M2.

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    I got excited when I saw the thread title.

    Pffffft. This compilation is lame.

    Where is Zanac, the true first entry in the Aleste series? Where are the MSX2 versions of Aleste? The first was revamped completely, the 2nd on MSX2 is a totally different game to Power Strike II, with cool cut-scenes and high production values. What about Musha Aleste? Robo Aleste? Etc.

    The series is massively long and complicated, and this was a fine opportunity to put all the ducks in a row and convey what had been created.

    Here's a primer:

    Zanac - MSX/MSX2/NES (1986)
    Aleste - MSX2 (1988)
    Aleste 2 - MSX2 (1989)
    Aleste Gaiden - MSX2 (1989)
    Power Strike/Aleste (1988) - Sega Master System
    Power Strike II (Europe) - Sega Master System (1993)
    GG Aleste - Game Gear (1991)
    Power Strike II / GG Aleste 2 - Game Gear (1993)
    MUSHA / Musha Aleste - Genesis (1990)
    Robo Aleste / Dennin Aleste - Genesis (1992)
    Space Megaforce / Super Aleste - SNES (1992)
    Zanac X Zanac - Playstation (2001)

    I left out Spriggan, since it's relation to Aleste by way of Musha is tangential.

    But seriously? They call this an Aleste Collection?

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    They're probably waiting to see how this does before releasing a MSX collection and a 16-bit collection.


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